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    Weapon sway removal

    Thanks m8! This is excellent solution and work flawlessly even with moded guns/scopes ! For ARs up to 5-600m it is just perfect! Any chance u have this addon with no sway at all? Coz for testing sniper rifles from 8-900m and more I still need to hold breath and thus influence the aim. For building rangetables for scope-rifle combo I would like to avoid that and fight just the accuracy of the rifle! Anyway big thanks for this one, great help as it is!
  2. Hi guys is there any way to remove weapon sway for player via script/mod/whatever for weapon testing... sort of benchrest? Since BIS made the weapons-scopes-reticles sooo stupidly inconsistent it would save a zilion of time in testing for everyone who want to know where the hell each weapon/sights combo will shoot in this peace of "military simulation" THX in advance
  3. DXTweek works like charm! Thanks a milion Lee!
  4. probably I did update at 22:55... run ok and after 2mins friend tried to update and error... When I try update now I recieve same error to...
  5. xhorst

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    RGR & Thx will look there for some nice wallpapers;)
  6. xhorst

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Realy excelent pictures BloodnGuts... Very atmospherical and great impression... Salute! Any chance to have them in beter res, say something like 1920x1200
  7. xhorst

    Arma FDF Sound Pack v1.3

    i do belive he ment other choppers and planes, either human or ai controlled Yes I mean choppers & planes flying around me... Coz when I'm standing on airfield on south part of Sahrani I can hear taking-off aircrafts on northern part of map...
  8. xhorst

    Arma FDF Sound Pack v1.3

    Hey I just found this soundmod and I have to say it is great! Thank you Goeth! But I experienced great amount of lags playing online (Evo Blue v2)... Mainly when Mk19 shooting hard Is it just me or someone else have same experience? And one sugesstion: Aircraft & heli sounds are way to loud I think. I know they are in RL but hearing choper across whole Sahrani is to much... ArmA offer us far smaller landscapes then RL