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    For crying out load...not even a keyboard guide!

    I know what you mean about a template as Joint Operations had one and it helped, but it would cost a bit more and take some of their money they could use to get better manual print etc. anyway you could use a thing called a Scanner if you have the manual or print the pages from that pdf and make your own keyboard template :P not hard. Czech Republic = 1 - Canada = 2 - UK = 1 :butbut:
  2. This is a lovely change from the normal "How can i find the best torrent for X game, as i to FAT! to get off my arse!" I am like this with Arma and the Stalker games. thx a24710 EDIT: when i say i am like that with Arma and Stalker games, i mean i pay however i can to give the devs the most money, not the torrent part :D
  3. xxstalker24xx

    For crying out load...not even a keyboard guide!

    Czech Republic 1 - Canada 0 :D thx for the PDF
  4. xxstalker24xx

    Patch 1.03?

    Really m8 you dont need to pick up your pitch fork and join in with a pointless post.
  5. OFPDR will have dmg over time, like losing blood and if a medic dosnt get to you, you die. From what PC Gamer said its like arma 2
  6. nice thread hijack :P anyway did you try reinstalling ? and again this should be put in the troubleshooting, the name kinda gives you a hint ? :D
  7. i dont wana be a bum but rly this should be in the troubleshooting section of the arma 2 forum. Try the video card driver like GrossKopf said and maybe monitor drivers if it has. Have you got post processing turned off ? (disabled) That can give you a big boost in performance and in some parts makes the game much butter to look at.
  8. Well after playing arma 2 on a dutch server lastnight iam perfectly happy with my arma 2 :) i got over 500 points taking one city as they kept taking it back. I was able to call in two tactical nukes, the first took loads of apc's, trucks and tanks out and the second took down all the buildings in the city, i even had a crowd watching as all the players moved to the hills to watch :D was a good laugh...want more.
  9. How is that immature to judge somebody by the games they have played ? it shows the genres they like and their style of play, hinting to the type of person they are. i think i took what you said the wrong way, as normally iam having to defend arma from bad comments from ofp2 fans and bad press. What i was rly doing was giving my opinion on why it may have more fans without much publicity yet in the second part i was saying. Was in the morning i posted that so was half asleep anyway :P
  10. Well considering looking at your xfire bar your playing sims 3, played the most of mount and blade & call of duty kinda explains your imature rply simply. Can i just say that simply due to a game having more fans does not make it a better game, if you look back many games that have mass fans are normally over hyped. Assassins Creed had loads of fans, an extreme amount till it was released then they left. oh also OPF2 is coming out as multi platform so that kinda lowers it in most ways, anything multi platform is always gone very wrong in an area/s. oh and REXinator many of the fans will be LITTLE kids mostly from consoles that act like gits when it comes to 2 same styled games.
  11. xxstalker24xx


    I think this is meant to go in the troubleshooting section of this forum.
  12. xxstalker24xx

    (Idea) 911

    plz say your not making a 911 mod to do with 911 because that would just be stupid. If its a mod to change Arma into a police mod then k
  13. xxstalker24xx

    Alpha9 UK Swat

    Are you able to make them just pure black instead of camo navy blue. Why the SO19/SWAT anyware are you going to make a mod ?
  14. xxstalker24xx

    No-Grass islands released!

    No players dont not like it, its just some of use have lowe grade computer so arnt able to play well due to lag, with this we are able to play better. Stop being so bossy people can do what they want with their games, if they wnated to change the models to OPF models then they can do just that.
  15. xxstalker24xx

    Demo today....WOOT

    I am not so imprest by the demo i think it would have been better if it was singleplayer, anyway their where loads of weird things going on like blownup hummves bing driven, no textures on buildings and quite alot more. I just hope when i get the german version i will like it more then the demo. oh one thing i dont like about Armed Assault is the gun sounds they sound like little kids toy gun's no sound of power from them. But i hope their will be so rly good sound packs out sometime soon.