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  1. In iron front 1944, when we use Kar 98K and m91 mosin riffle, the reload is quite real. When you use ironsight aiming mode and fire one shot, the game will automatically force you to lower the riffle, pull the bolt to reload, and then return to ironsight aiming mode. That's really cool and real! Back to AA2, with M107, M24, AS50, KSVK etc, none uses such reload script, make it really funny to shoot. You here the bolt pulling sound fx but dong't see any real action. After searching for some time, I found that in iron front 1944, it runs the reload scripts in the following ways: 1. In 'Characters.ifa' config, there are two 'class eventhandler' scripts for 'class man', german and russian. In 'ini' part it uses a 'global*.sqf' script to load the main script. 2. In '*tests_scripts.ifa', there are some important scripts to run in order to finish the reload job. Just read the names and open them and you can see their functions. Weapon check, animation play, loading other scripts etc. The 'Real weapon reload' core is here. (The '*' stands for some words that I can not remember.) For animations, there are some important animation definitions in 'lib_weapons.ifa' config for reloading actions related to '*tests_scripts.ifa'. But as I don't know much about scripting, I can not port this reload action into AA2. Do hope someone can make a mod which uses the idea of IF1944 to make the reload for sniper riffles in AA2 as real as it should be. Or tell us the way to do so, thanks in advance!
  2. I do hope the new mod game will use AA3 engine and make it like a stalker-like game.
  3. Simple answer to IR 1944, no mod allowed, no buying of the game, saving $$$ for ArmA 3.
  4. Can someone tell me how to force 3rdpersonview always on automatically when I get into a vehicle without press the switch view key? A car, apc, tank, heli, jet, no matter as a driver, gunner, or loader, commander. When I get off a vehicle, it switches back to first person view. How to write the cfg file? Thanks!
  5. Beautiful addon! RHS studio! I have only one question, how to make the missile use bi's sucd missle launch effect? BI's sucd launch effect looks more real, with much more dust, smoke at the ignition moment.
  6. Mandoble, thanks for your info on "mando_tv_sensor_rects = false". Now I set it to false and there is no squre marker in tv guide mode, but once locked there is still a diamond marker in the center of the cross. How to remove the diamond marker either ? For other modes, the squre and diamond markers are good. I played lockon ka50, dcs a-10c, in tv guide mode, once lock on a target there is no any marker in the center of the cross. For games like those, are the visual aiming system real??? Thanks.
  7. Thank you very much for the reply! I replaced all ' zasleh*.p3d ' files with empty p3d files in ' weapons.pbo' both in 'addon' and 'common' folders. This is the most simple way I can think about and it works well for SP mode. Finally, I have pure blast muzzle effect! :-)
  8. Can someone tell me the names of those p3d files in 'weapons.pbo' that are related to muzzle effects? Are there either some files in 'weapons_e.pbo' ? In 'weapons.pbo' there is a file 'empty.p3d', can this one be used as a empty muzzle model? Thanks.
  9. I thought about the replacing muzzle flash p3d modle file by making a replacement pbo. But the question is I can not find the class definition for the first 'XXXX' which stands for different value, such as 'this', 'muzzlefar' 'm4acogmuzzle', etc. Where can I find the class definitions for those 'this', 'muzzlefar' 'm4acogmuzzle', 'XXXX'??? If those classes can be found, then maybe in the replacement pbo I can write: class XXXXX { modle = "XXX\XX\X.p3d" ----------- the empty p3d file }; and other class definitions to replace. Someone konws more about this? :-)
  10. I'm still using Warfx Blastcore v1.0 and love the new muzzle flash effects for small and big weapons (from v1.1,1.2, Warfx Blastcore removed muzzle flash effects for infantry weapons ). But I noticed that BI's original muzzle flash effects come with Warfx Blastcore new muzzle flash effects together. If I want to remove BI's original muzzle flash effects, how to do? I checked the config of 'weapons.pbo' file. There are lots of ' muzzles [] = {XXXX, XXXX}; ' lines for some infantry weapons. The second 'XXXX' is grenade launcher muzzle, so the first 'XXXX' is bullet muzzle for a specific weapon. The first 'XXXX' stands for 'this', 'muzzlefar' 'm4acogmuzzle', etc. Can someone tell me how to do next to remove BI's original muzzle flash effects in the most simple way? Simply delete the first 'XXXX' does not work, I have tried. Thanks a lot.
  11. In missile camera guide mode, there is a squre box on every visible target, is this thing real in modern aiming systems? If it is real, that's cool. But if not, how to remove the squre box, which script to modify? Thanks!
  12. xy20032004

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Glad to see you back, Opticalsnare. Thanks for your outstanding mod! Although I am still using your 1.0 final version, for the reason I like the new muzzle flash effect for small arms which is removed form later versions, I have a question to ask. When I fire a rifle, I can see the original BI muzzle flash effect comes with your new muzzle flash effect togather, so how can I completely remove BI's original muzzle flash effect? I tried to make a replacement pbo file in which I want to set the BI's muzzle flash p3d file to " model = ""; " , but I can not find where the flash p3d is. Can you tell me in which BI's pbo file the p3d file is? Or, is this the simplest way to remove original BI muzzle flash? Thanks.
  13. xy20032004

    WarFX : Blastcore

    Has anyone noticed that since AA2 patch 1.59 some parts of this mod don't work correctly any more? For vehicles, such as t90, the machinegun's muzzle flash works fine. But for infantry weapons, such as m4, ak74, pk etc, no longer have the amazing muzzle flash effects. Those weapons which are not part of a certain vehicle only have original BI or ace muzzle flash. (Without any other mods, it is the same case.) So is there there a way to restore Warfx Blastcore muzzle flash back to infantry weapons? I use AA2 + OA + PMC + BAF and ACE2 + some other mods.
  14. In AA2, if you drive a tank/apc in low and medium speed and suddenly turn left or right, the vehicle turns to the desired direction immediately, too fast and make it funny as if the vehicle is not heavy. Turning should be less sensitive. So can someone make a mod to modify the vehicle turning speed (not turret turning speed) or show us how to do it? Thanks!
  15. In AA2, if you drive a tank/mpc in low and medium speed and suddenly turn left or right, the vehicle turns to the desired direction immediately, too fast and make it funny as if the vehicle is not heavy. Turning should be less sensitive. So can someone make a mod to modify the vehicle turning speed (not turret turning speed) or show us how to do it? Thanks!