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  1. For my purposes I use SetObjectTexture. Below are the results which I'm satisfied with, not perfect or accurate but much better than no re-texture. Vietnam Era Officer's Class A uniform. Not much luck with using SetObjectTexture for the Officer's cap but it is because I don't know enough about it. It will work for me as is. https://www.mediafire.com/view/9iai6qnm2wgjb24/jacobs.jpg/file https://www.mediafire.com/view/xja2jtuoo2445aa/jacobs2.jpg/file
  2. I would like to retexture a character, B_Officer_Parade_F. This character wears a dress uniform. I look it up in the Config Viewer and find this info for B_Officer_Parade_F. hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo","insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\a3\characters_f\blufor\data\clothing1_co.paa"}; I unpack a3\characters_f.pbo then navigate to the texture, clothing1_co.paa. It is not of a dress uniform but a combat uniform. Obviously doing something wrong but I am completely stumped.
  3. Thanks for this. I will definitely check in to it.
  4. No problem, I learn something new every day. Thanks for your replies.
  5. I can't find "U_B_ParadeUniform_01_US_F" in characters_f.pbo or any of the other character.pbo's. It is probably in Arma 3\AoW\Addons in the characters_f_aow.ebo but I am having no luck unpacking it because it is an .ebo.
  6. Thank you so much. 👍 I never would have figured that out.
  7. wombat50

    Triggers are broken?

    Large interface did not work for me but Very Large did.
  8. Hi, I have a formation of soldiers, lined up two abreast, with maybe 100 total. I want them to march across a bridge which they do fine using this in a trigger which covers the formation of soldiers. It puts them all in a walking animation. Set to trigger once, for anybody and in the ACT. field: {_x playMove "AmovPercMwlkSlowWrflDf"}foreach thislist; I would like the formation to continue and follow bends in the road. As it is whatever direction they are facing initially they will continue in that direction indefinitely. I tried waypoints but since they are in animation state they ignore them? So I have made another trigger which they enter and hopefully will change their direction. Set to trigger repeatedly, for anybody and ACT field is: {_x setDir 130}foreach thislist; The trigger works for the first pair abreast but the rest of the formation continues on the original direction. I have looked here and searched elsewhere for a solution. Tried some other code but to no avail. Thanks.
  9. I got it working with the code in the first post. I had the spacing of the soldiers too close and the trigger was too big so I made it only 1 meter deep. If more than 2 soldiers abreast were in the trigger the remaining would not follow the command to change direction.
  10. Syntax for setDir: object setDir heading If I could use a variable or description for "object" so when an "object" enters the trigger it obeys the command. I can pass the command on a group but the group performs the command all at the same time. What I would like is for each object to change direction only when entering the trigger zone. I have messed with making the trigger larger but using foreach thislist makes them change direction immediately instead of at the trigger. Thanks for the help and patience!
  11. Thanks for the reply Joe. I am familiar with what you have said. But in this case I wish the formation of soldiers to cross a bridge which never seems to work with waypoints. I have put all the members of the formation in an animation state and they do nicely crossing the bridge. In my testing in an animation state they ignore any waypoints. When using waypoints to direct a large group their behavior can be erratic where in the animation state they maintain a good tight formation. Maybe it is not possible to make a formation in a walk animation change direction? However, the trigger I used in the first post does work as it should but only for the first two soldiers abreast. The rest continue in the initial direction. As the trigger is set to repeatedly I don't understand why it doesn't keep working. Short clip how it looks ingame. You can see the first two soldiers change direction but none of the others do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCWghIZ0FtI This video is soldiers in a group using waypoints https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwEDKvdInrk Thanks again
  12. wombat50

    Death Valley: WTF, BI

    Played this multiple times and always got stuck trying to connect the UAV. I did 1. and 2. in post #47 but never could got past 3. No luck doing 3. The only option in the scroll menu was to disassemble UAV. I did get to the controls once but I don't know how. Finally just hunted down the spotters to complete the mission. Just recounting my experience and nothing more.
  13. On occasion, I have trouble with camera stuttering too. I use sqs and I think your example is sqf which I know very little about. Recently tried this in sqs when stuttering camera occurred. Every camera block in sqs contains the line _camera camCommit 0 Not sure but _cam camCommitPrepared 0; might be the same thing in your example? Anyways for me, in _camera camCommit 0 the zero means the camera will move to its new location instantly. So in my case to try to get rid of camera stutter I changed the zero to a one. This helped. Only tried this today by trial and error so it may not be foolproof. In one loop block I only had to change the zero to .1. In another I had to change the 0 to a 1 to eliminate the camera stutter.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lcKcOsY0eg Music Trent Reznor "On We March" Experimenting with camera scripting in Arma2 Setup a mission of two flights of A10s. The targets are 4 enemy tanks, when they are destroyed the A10s return to their airfield. The camera is controlled using an sqs file in the mission folder. The AI controlled A10s crashed many times.
  15. wombat50

    Operation Powderburn

    No problems Lighty. Was a bit worried so it's good to know you are still alive and kickin'.
  16. wombat50

    Operation Powderburn

    Anyone know what has happened to Lighty? He dropped off the radar about June 1st.
  17. I may be missing what you are after. I did this recently by putting this bit in the spotter's init line in the editor: removeAllWeapons _spotter; _spotter addMagazine "laserbatteries"; _spotter addWeapon "laserdesignator"; Worked everytime but I didn't include the rest of your code in a script file in my mission folder. I had three tanks as targets, when one was destroyed the spotter would switch to a live target.
  18. wombat50

    Mission start text

    };call compile preprocessFile "=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_revive_init.sqf"; I'm a novice at scripting but is the bolded }; at the beginning of the above line correct or needed?
  19. wombat50

    Mission start text

    I put aeroson's code in a init.sqf in the mission folder and it worked for "the player" at the start of my mission.
  20. Using some a10's as cameras but somtimes they crash on their own(not shot down as the are set to allowdamge false) so when it is their turn in the scene.sqs script the shot is ruined. I'm sure it is possible but I have no clue how I would switch the camera automatically to an active A10. Maybe something along this line? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/if Portion of the scene.sqs script I'd like the camera to switch to an active A10: _cam = "camera" CamCreate (getPos j1); _cam cameraeffect ["internal", "front"]; _cam attachTo [j1, [-25, 0.2, 0]]; _cam camsettarget j3; _cam camSetFOV 0.05; _cam camcommit 5; ~15 A10's j2 and j4 would be the optional ones to switch to if still alive. Thanks
  21. Working on making a video. I have ironed out some problems by myself by searching but the two questions below have me stumped. 1. I have attached two A10's to the group leading A10. (see link for pic) http://www.mediafire.com/view/?de9isodt9os5527 I'm satisfied that I can give waypoints they follow, attack targets, and will land at an airbase. The unsatisfactory part is the attached A10's dive brakes are always open and flapping around. Messed with the flapsup and flapsdown commands but realized that the flaps are a separate component from the dive brakes. With searching I have found no commands for setting the dive brakes either deployed or retracted. I think brake in the control menu only affects the taxi and air speed but seems to have no affect on deploying the speed/dive brakes? 2. I would like to place cameras along the A10's flight path. This would be fairly easy until they get to the destroy target waypoint but after that their path is very hard to determine. Is there a script I could run that would plot the path on the map? Thanks!
  22. Thanks Zodd. Tried the full speed in the first waypoint but no affect. I like the look of the attached A10's in level flight but they look very unrealistic when banking. So I will use them for only a scene or two. Good idea about unit capture/ unit play. The only drawback are my flying skills. I have done it before and getting cam locations is much easier. I did run a radio trigger that allowed me to plot the course of one AI controlled A10 on the map by placing markers and then taking a screenshot of the markers I had placed. My way is not really what I was after. Trying with limited success to run the tank busting mission in one continuous scene.sqs. When I get all the _cam locations the way I like, I'll capture the whole mission with fraps. I will then edit with Sony Vegas. The hard part is getting the _cam locations and the time factors that go along with it. Having fun with this even if it can be frustrating at times.
  23. wombat50

    MQ-9 plane landing

    KK wrote: Jet safely lands at airport (Zargabad Air Base) and taxi's down the runway from South to North and ends at the Hanger...Pilot gets out (that would be cool!). This works for me: Place last waypoint of flight path at desired airfield and use the get out option. Not sure of the default approach for Zargabad Air Base but it may be opposite of what you want. Reference: http://sandbox.darrenbrant.com/arma_ii/getting-the-arma-ii-ai-to-takeoff-and-land
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    Finished the campaign. I have played a few prior to this one and DEVGRU is by far the best I have played. Allot of nice twists as the story moves along. I enjoyed the music but you didn't over use it either. Voice acting was very good. I'm a novice with Arma 2 and easily discouraged at times but this was so good I had to finish it. You used all aspects of mission creation very well. A few times my AI team mates were unresponsive to my commands. I don't know if it is my inexperience using them or Arma 2 is prone to do that at times. In the mission to rescue hostages at the prison I could not get any of my team to enter the prison. Maybe that was a path finding issue? Pure speculation on my part. Anyways, very big thumbs up and I appreciate the time and effort you and your team put in this campaign.