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  1. www2

    WW1 Mod Release

    Thanks alot guys....everything is OK now and working
  2. ...sorry forgot to mention that I was thinking on SP misions
  3. Since I decided to give arma another try I am here to ask you a question. I got Queens gambit aswell and since I had big problem and very little enjoyment playing any of the original campaigns due to so many bugs my question is what bug free missions and campaigns do you recomend me to download. I have allready instaled the addons from topic Add On Compilation for more Realism and Immersion.
  4. www2

    WW1 Mod Release

    Whats all this: -nosplash -nomap -mod=@planes;@WW1 i dont have any @planes or @WW1 folders....and whatf the meaning of -nosplash -nomap command? I know how to use the editor, but i downloaded a mission posted somewhere on this topic and it gives missing addons error. Sorry for being such a noob, but I would really love to play this mod. ......oh and thanks for the reply.
  5. www2

    WW1 Mod Release

    I am having a problem and need help. I have instaled everything and can't make the correct exe file. I mean I am not a complette noob with ofp mods but something is just not working. ....ofp location: M:\Operation flashpoint ....my exe properties: M:\Operation flashpoint\FLASHPOINTRESISTANCE.EXE" -mod=WW1MOD .....and its not working. Or atleast not that I know. Will my main screen be different than 1.96? I mean is it changed at all? If not how will I know that I am playing ww1 mod?
  6. www2

    CiA co-op night

    First of all thanks for the quick reply. 1. I can allready see that this is going to be my main problem. 2. Didnt even know there was this option. 3. Crap 4. So If I'm lucky I could find a game tonight
  7. www2

    CiA co-op night

    Hello. I dont know if you guys remember but I asked you a couple of question about your game last night while you were playing. Now i have downloaded all the necesery addons and will give it a go next week....or maybe this sunday. Well, since I am new to all this ofp multiplayer i have a couple of questins I hope you will answer. 1. How do you recognize the enemy in game? Is it only by their clothes? 2. How does this teamspeak work in game? I mean will it increase my ping? I have assigned a key for it when i want to talk (its , symbol on num pad), and am wondering if that will work while im in the game? 3. What happens when you get killed? Do you respawn or you have to wait till the game ends? 4. Do you only play wednsday and sunday? ...well cant remembre any more right now....but i know I have more questions. Anyway, thanks in advance.
  8. www2

    Royal flush...camp mission

    New radio command added. Called the trucks and everyone assembled at the southern gate of the base. This is where it stops for me.......he just continuoslly (sp)tells the prisoners to assemble at the gates.....thanks anyway mate....gonna have to use the endmission
  9. www2

    Royal flush...camp mission

    he does tell them to go out towards the trucks but it stays like that and he just repeat's it over and over again while they just stay near the trucks
  10. Mate I would apretiate (sp) that allot, since I am a noob when it comes to Arma and am not even certain how would i go on by creating my own rangecards.
  11. Guys sorry for being a complete noob, but is there anywhere a finished rangecard_XXX.txt that only has to be put in @GMJ_SightAdjustment\Addons and viola.....
  12. Thanks guys....gonna try it when I come home.
  13. First of all thanks for all the help. I have sucesfully instaled almost everything, but am still having issues with two things. 1. Durg's "Vegetation Fix".......I have extracted it in @general folder like it says, but when I try to run the .bat file I dont get any plants.pbo addon. Nothing happens. When i click it, for a second a little DOS like window appears and thats about it ?? 2. gmJamez' "Sight Adjustment (Windage + Elevation)".......when starting the mission I allways get something like: - rangecard_list.txt file missing at @GMJ_SightAdjustment_0.4 beta folder. ....now I have tried extracting the folder contents in game directory rather than in @General folder, but am now not sure where to add @GMJ_SightAdjustment_0.4 in order of loading. "...\Armed Assault\beta\arma.exe" -nosplash -profiles=Profiles -mod=DBE1;beta;@ECS;@General;@Replacements ...where should I put it so that it doesnt mess with something else ?
  14. OK I am getting really frustrated with this thing. After finishing it for about 10 times now I just cant to trigger the end. I kill all the guards and fire the flare. Then the trucks come and nothing happens......the prisoners just stand there and dont move....some of them are still in the camp allong with the partisans.
  15. OK just did all this addons and tryed to run it. First of all, is it just me or is the game even harder now ? I mean although I did change the AI settings (like it says) in my profile AI soliders still need no more than 2 shoots to kill me from decent distance. One more thing that bothers me is the inertion (sp) of the aim. It fells like its very hard to quickly aim and kill the enemy when I am fighting with my mouse to keep the aim on the enemy....and of course by that time I am allready dead coz AI are not havnig these kind of problems. ABOUT ECS What do I need exactlly? I instaled ECS Client version 10150 and on top of that i've put tweaked ECS_Core.pbo that you said I should be using. I see that there is a patch 10151 out. Should I use this one? "Tweak the .hpp files" ......it says in the first post. Do I have to do this or can I just leave it as it is?