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  1. Hi Just editing Domination 2.29 for my personal use and was wondering if someone could tell me which script i need to alter to change the US AI Units to one of my own choosing I am refering to the AI Barrack where you recruit the different classes of Units i.e. Soldier, AT Soldier Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks in advance
  2. I have searched Dev Heaven etc I am trying to establish if the M252 Mortar ILLUMINATION and Smoke Rounds have been added and if so where would i find them do i have use the arty module with them as well
  3. warpuppy

    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    @JDOG Congrats on this fine release it is brilliant, nice to have a working carrier in game. I hope that at some point you would consider in putting in davits to launch rhibs etc. Even maybe one consider making HMS ALBION or some other RORO type vessel Hopefuly when you are done with the Nimitz you will revist the Queen Elizabeth and update the islands etc But it is trully awesome work Many thanks
  4. Hi I did a search and have found nothing that points me in the right direction what i am trying to establish is there a method where i can use alice on a custom map and be able to enter custom civilians (in this case i wish to have African Civillains spawn ) Any help would be much appreciated Kind Regards Jason
  5. warpuppy

    Real Mortars by Jones

    Hi Jonescrusher Sorry to ask but hows the m119 /D30 coming on? cant thank you enough for the mortars mate. This is an awesome addon, looking forward to the smoke/illum
  6. warpuppy

    Real Mortars by Jones

    @Jonescrusher Many thanks mate this just fantastic hopefully you will get the illum/smoke rounds in man this really makes arty worth playing @Gunterland21 Sent you a pm regarding your calculator
  7. warpuppy

    Moveable Target Range

    Hi there Thanks a million Kronsky ,for making this possible Hows does ,one acess the excel ?
  8. hi there all I was wondering if anyone could point me/assist me in being able to use the attachto command to load the mortar/ammoboxes into a truck that could transport them around and then unload Any help would be much appreciated Many thanks in advance
  9. @ All Good day Gents, if i may add my two cents worth here 1. First off i think that this is a brilliant concept to unite the community but also to develop the community (Well done to Soul Assassin for the concept) 2. I think if BIS got involved in the final judging of the competion, this would be fantastic and i think much appreciated, but at the same time i think that on the judging panel should also be those "Senior Members of the Community" to assist in the judging of the models presented (for example ROCK from RKSL; Mandoble from OFPEC) 3. In terms of ideas for models being created for the competion, as suggestion i think topics such as a working forklift truck etc should be encouraged as this will provide more addons to the community that are not always considered, With arma 2 it would be nice to see more animals, Working Aircraft Tractor with Towing ability, Working Air Control Tower etc 4. Yes agreed it would be nice if there where more tutorials on how to make basic objects such as wheel, a door etc for idiots like me, but it would be nice if those that did write such tuts could be given just as much recognition as what addon makers get (for example Mr Murray- I reckon he and his team of translators should be rewarded for their time and effort is some form or another) But overall i think that if this is managed properly it could well do the trick of uniting the community!
  10. warpuppy

    patch 1.02 suggestions

    What would be nice addition and further immersion into the game Would be the abilty to carry extra ammo and the use of the backpack to carry ammo etc 120 rounds is not adequate at the best of times,particulary when you are on a long range patrol Also by having the abilty to drop the backpack would also add to game play my 2cents worth other than that thanks BIS for a great game
  11. Hi All Starting working on a MP game for Arma2 I noticed that when one place the small orange round bouy it seems to drift along the current (which is great) but how would one lock it into place so that it does not move with the current? The bouy is being used to represent a mooring line for a boats Many thanks in advance
  12. Hi there all I was wondering if someone could explain to me the Support waypoint I have noticed that when you put this in you are able to get the support when called for (Ambulance) which is great but what do i need to put in the waypoint to get the support element to return to its orginal starting point Many thanks in advance
  13. Hi All Apolgies if this is in th wrong place! I Have a few questions about the SOM Module 1. How to do i add the ability to be able to get Transport Requests as well as an AirDrop Request. (Ammo Supply and being able to be transported to another destination) 2. Is it possible to be able to add an Evac for wounded to the SOM (I.E will an ambulance be sent to my location?) 3. How does one add reinforcements to the SOM so that if you are a few men down that you can call for reinforcements If anyone can assist me it would be most appreciated even more so if they could provide a mission so that i can look at it would be better I am not a scripter but i do understand that there are varables to be added Many thanks in advance
  14. @Headspace Mate i second that of peteer about more of an explanation of the command system If you would kindly post a mission for us to look at this would be most appreciated Many thanks in advance
  15. warpuppy

    The Arma 2 Small Bug Thread

    Artillery Bug I noticed that when you set up the artillery module with an am empty mortart the module gives you a type of aiming device depending on what the angle is (which is fine and great) however you dont get any sort of marker for the M119 or MLRS when using the Arty Module to fire Would be most appreciated if this was fixed Many thanks in advance