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  1. weegee_101

    Keyboard Recommendations Please

    Das Keyboard Ultimately though Keyboard is all about preference. Some people like a clicking action (like me) yet some people like having tons of extra features such as you have with the G15.
  2. weegee_101

    arma helicoptor flying/landing

    I can't stress this enough myself. If you use a HOTAS like the X52 (which I would recommend), bind autohover to a button you're comfortable with. Modern combat helicopters do have a hover autopilot which can be engaged once the pilot has slowed the vertical and horizontal velocities of the aircraft. However, make sure you bring your aircraft to a slow speed so you don't quickly gain altitude as the computer tries to slow you down.
  3. weegee_101

    MK 17 EGLM question

    Still better than having no sight at all.
  4. weegee_101

    Question about team commads

    Yes, the old command menu is still accessible, including the action menu which is activated by selecting a soldier and pressing the 6 key. To see the menu while you have someone selected press backspace.
  5. weegee_101

    FLIR in AH64?

    I think only the Gunner gets FLIR through his targeting camera. The pilot gets Night Vision only.
  6. weegee_101

    ARMA 2 (OA) : DLC discussion thread

    Actually yeah, it would be kind of nice to see a conflict where the U.S. and Russia are working together, similar to Bosnia in the 90s.
  7. weegee_101

    Close quarter AI

    I would argue this is less an AI problem and more a issue with the mission designer failing to account for AI that may flee. A wiser idea would be to use a trigger zone surrounding the town that fires and sets a "success" variable once all of the enemy AI have died or fled.
  8. weegee_101

    [OA] Seize zones Zargabad (SP)

    As always, its awesome. Thanks Stiff!!!
  9. weegee_101


    I would also recommend reading Dslyecxi's guide: http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/ Covers intermediate and advanced aspects of the game, and it will help you offline and online.
  10. weegee_101

    (SP)ACE2 The Conqueror

    Actually, I found the other two Black Hawks outside and they can get into those. Wish I had noticed those earlier. Great mission m8. However, I have a question. (WARNING: SPOILER)
  11. weegee_101

    (SP)ACE2 The Conqueror

    I can't, for the life of me, get anyone to board in the chopper. It seems like the AI just can't navigate around that part of the base at all. They consistently get stuck on the wrong side of the entrance barricade, and report "Negative" indicating they can't complete the order. Any hints?
  12. I would play it! I also have a feature suggestion; throw ACE2 in the mix. Realism and zombies make me .
  13. weegee_101

    ARMA 2 to ps3

    He was talking about Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.
  14. No offense, but if I were your roommate or brother, I would probably hold off as well if it meant you kept buying me free games.
  15. weegee_101

    Dragon Rising has been released

    What are you talking about? When you buy FRAPS you get updates for free forever.