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  1. wex-q

    Random Rant thread

    Indeed, very true. They should implement an "Ignore all"-button.
  2. wex-q

    War against terror

    Wikipedia says "United States et al" and as opposing forces "Al-Qaeda et al" in the War on terrorism-article. Whatever that means.
  3. That's because it'd be boring. Wait for the arty to stop, get in line, charge, die. Exactly. That was the reality, but as for a game, I think you would get bored pretty quick. Though, I think if the correct atmosphere was captured without making it a "war-is-glorious"-game, it would be mentally a cool game. Not something that would hold for multiplayer, or even a few hours of singleplayer, though. But if you get bored with a game showing it, what do you think the soldiers felt after 4 years of doing the same thing? That's the feeling you could capture, but it would not make for a game. I would say medieval, but I still miss any game that actually simulates it well. I want to be one of the men storming towards the enemy with my sword/spear/whatever and not just have alot of combos that I can do and with ease kill the enemy. So for a mod or alike - go with Modern Day, but don't be afraid to leave desert/mid-east, any non-IRL wars would be cool to play, as mentioned before in this thread, ie Russia/China vs US/UK/Europe etc etc
  4. wex-q

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare...

    Play it online. The SP-mode is worth jack shit. Multiplayer is awsome though
  5. wex-q

    Lisbon-dakar 2008 cancelled

    Yeah, my TV/Internet/telephone-company has EuroSport in the TV-package whichs shows Dakar live (afaik).
  6. wex-q

    Lisbon-dakar 2008 cancelled

    Maybe open a APC/IFV- and MBT-class for next years Dakar? Nah, really too bad. I think it's kinda fun to watch it (atleast summaries, way to much time spent watching live). A really awsome race, would be a great achivement to actually drive it once in a lifetime.
  7. wex-q

    Battlefield:bad company

    Yay.. Just drove past the building with their offices and a little DICE-logo (along with an EA-logo, but meh) on the outside, hehe. Cool vids, gonna put this game on my purchase-list
  8. wex-q

    Digital molecular matter

    Nah, maybe it shouldn't be, this discussion could also turn into a (intelligent) "Are we a part of a Lucas Arts-game"-thread But all points above are very wierd, but could also be true, when you think about it. A bit scary too. Maybe we just are a part of a huge simulation - maybe God actually is a 11 year old girl that tries to redecorate every room with pink wallpaper - just that the game is default set to "free will", so she can't control it. I remember a episode of Star Gate (SG-1, I belive) where the crew found a rom, which they thought was some sort of controlroom, but after a while they realised it was just a gameroom - with a worldsimulator game for 2 people to play. The doctor/professor and another guy from the crew started playing and created 2 worlds, which after a while started to meet eachother, war on eachother etc etc. Later that episode they actually find the country on an actual planet (they find a flag which were created by the doc/professor for his country ingame), with actual people and actual hate towards the crewmans civilization. Maybe this sounds ridiculous, but what if it's true? What if we are just going a loop where this evolution makes a simulation, where another world is created, and that world goes on creating their own simulation and so on and so on. Seems thought that the evolution above us doesn't have internet - if they did, wouldn't we have met "aliens" by now..?
  9. wex-q

    Digital molecular matter

    Just gave this a few thoughts yesterday - what about SimCity or something where the people actually are aware of their existance. What happens when people want to explore and hits the edge of your area, and realises that they can go further. So then the gamemakers links all worlds together in a big multiplayer-game, so sims can travel between users community. What if the communities now are so well aware of themselves that they start to like and dislike other communities. We'll get the stuff we see in everyday life - racism, prejudiction, crimes (not scripted ones) and even war! That would be cool and at the same time usefull, since it probably could be used to study how people behave when different things happens, like seeing how well prepared a simulated community would handle a nuclear-strike or something like that. Maybe a door into a new evolution of AI... Maybe rename it CI though - Creative Intelligence
  10. wex-q


    Stand above or below your screen to get a bit of distorted angle of view, where the screen goes darker. There you'll see it
  11. wex-q


    Yeah, looks a bit as a monkey face!
  12. wex-q

    Digital molecular matter

    Wow, yeah. That would be really wierd - thinking of times where you have pwned all AI with a machinegun. What if it goes so far that you actually are killing something living. Wierd. A bit scary too. Nevertheless. If the Stormtroopers decide to keep my out of the game by killing me, I'll just mod the game so I will be invincible!
  13. wex-q

    Digital molecular matter

    Ok, well, I didn't see a thread here (I've been a bad boy - I didn't make a search), so I went ahead to spread the info I think it's really cool and I shall definitely buy the game!
  14. wex-q

    German to english conversion

    A quick search finds me the info that if you patch over 1.08, you can choose english instead of german in the option menu - unless you have the russian version. Source
  15. wex-q

    Digital molecular matter

    Currently, Lucas Arts is working on a game in the Star Wars series (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed), taking place somewhere between Episode III and IV. For this game, Lucas Arts has taken a long jump into computing technology and developed DMI - Digital Molecular Matter. Basicly, it simulates how the objects (stuff aswell as humans etc) react to the world around it, such as throwing stuff on it (which is demonstrated in the video). Also, it is a great simulation between AI units, they behave as they were actually thinking creativly. A real blast to watch, can't wait to get my hands on the game.