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  1. Did you guys use the air burst cluster shell? I was able to clear the entire town using two salvos lol and they cover a LARGE area!
  2. Out of all missions, I loved this one the best. I didn't have to send a SINGLE troop into the town to win this mission. All you have to do is climb up the TALL solar towers which will give you a COMPLETE view of the down. Once you are up there, you will find a dead enemy sniper and use his weapon to pick off some of the infantries. Your laser designator with IR vision will tell you where all the enemies are and call in the arty! First use the shell burst which will take care of the majority of the soft target. Next use HE shells to finish the rest. As for the attack heli, the moment you see the armor rolling in, call in the heli and the guided missiles will take care of them!
  3. I understand, but I have a spare i7 980X box so as an experiment, I am running the dedicated server on that box to maximize the performance on both the client and server.
  4. How many AI's are you having on the map/mission? What I find with this game is I can run everything maxed out with 10KM view distance with minimal AI but anytime when firefights get busy with 100+ AIs things slow down to a crawl.
  5. I think running dedicated server + headless client and playing the game on the same box will further decrease the performance as your CPU and IO system are taxed with multiple tasks. What I am trying to do is to push this game to the extreme and hence running the server and headless client on a separate box.
  6. I used the server name but still getting steam kicks :(
  7. Thanks for the post and I am trying to get HC started and I am getting steam kicks. The LocalHost name should be the name of server that is running the HC or the PC that I am playing the game from?
  8. Are you hosting both the dedicated server and playing the game on the same box?
  9. I am in the quest of shelling it all out for this game and if you see my thread here - http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?173533-Large-Number-of-AI-and-heavy-firefight-physic-simulation-and-game-engine-limitation I am frustrated by the fact that large number of AIs simply brings my machine down to a crawl...even for a i7 3970X at 4.2 Ghz... It seems that dedicated server + headless client is the way to go and I've seen youtube clips showing missions with 500+ AIs @_@. Before I buy another copy of Arma 3, will headless client + dedicated server work for SP missions and the campaigns? The server will be strictly inside my LAN (home) and will not be a public server. The dedicated server is a i7-980x @ 4 Ghz.
  10. I've been reading articles and guides on how to increase the CPU core usage on the server side without luck :( Flags such as -cpuCount=6 -exThreads=7 doesn't seem to help... I guess i have to buy another copy of Arma and try the headless client route...
  11. I just played the same mission via dedicated server and there is a minor improvement. Although on the dedicated server, only one CPU core is maxed out and the rest is idle @_@
  12. I and others want more AI because of the expansive map and unlimited freedom for movement! That is the whole point of the game to simulate large scale war as accurately as possible. I hope the dedicated server route will be improve things!
  13. I am going to try the dedicated server approach and see how it works. I have a i7-980X box sitting unused and it will do great as an Arma 3 server!
  14. Thanks for the feedback and I am disappointed to see that the AIs are all calculate on one thread. My CPU is already top of the line and as a matter of fact my entire system is built to run Arma 3 as smooth as possible. I tried running the CPU at 5 Ghz but the improvement is minimal at sub 35 FPS and decided to tune down the overclock as the heat and extra voltage will affect the longevity of the chip.
  15. Can the developer comment on this? I am really running out of ideas on how to make this game "playable" in scenarios involving large number of AIs and heavy firefights. With around 50 to 100 AIs and all settings at ultra and 5KM view distance, my PC is able to muster at least 50 FPS. If I double or triple the number of AIs and a firefight begins, everything slows to a crawl to less than 20 FPS no matter what graphics settings and view distance. This seems like the engine is struggling to cope with the large number of bullets and ballistics simulation? Is there anything I can do to improve this?