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  1. wmk

    OFP alive?

    OFP is still a great sim, even the graphics can be nice --it's only a matter of good selection of addons My fastest PC (it's a laptop actually) also denies to run Arma, so when I have some time, I'm launching OFP. There are still some cool addons coming out /not to often but it's something/ like the latest KC-10 with refueling scripts, so it's still a great killing platform and I love it Cheers! http://www.pbase.com/wmk/ofp
  2. Hiya finally I found some time to put all my screens together and place them on the net --enjoy /each image below opens a gallery/: http://www.pbase.com/wmk/ofp Realism is most important. Cheers! wmk
  3. wmk

    OFP addons into ArmA!

    yeah.. right about time --I was going to open the same thread it would be great to have - anything BAS' - anything UKF' (faces in arma still look unrealistic --they would look cool only under facecovers and goggles ) - BLB UK - CAT sand storm from CAT Afghanistan - Nephilim' &.. (who was that..? rfj...?) mercenaries (I'm sure they will do that soon anyway) - OFrP - SEF humvees & CH53 - peugeot boxer, Mechanic's if I'm not wrong, - mercedes 200 (I don't remember who made it...) - toyota hilux (from Mercs THS I belive) - BWMOD Mans - CBT m977 and 978 anyway I'm sure many of them will port their ofp stuff to arma sooner or later... (or not)
  4. Polish publisher representatives said that the delay is caused by the change of a database --BIS replaced excell with another db (excell is not a "real" db ) They said also that it's 90% sure that the final release date will be changed one more time bcause they have still much to do with the localization, disks yet have to be burned, etc.
  5. wmk

    ArmA Photography

    oh sh...t!! sweet
  6. you mean "chosen nations"? hehe (actually there is a nation which has been "chosen" couple of thousand years ago ) (and these lucky countries are Germany and Chech republic, not Poland btw)
  7. hmm.. I hope you used "outer mongolia" as a metaphor only... (I have nothing against Mongolia but comparing this far east country to Poland or Chech Republic is an evidence of.... guess what. And who said that every new (computer) game should be released in north america first??? --have you ever heard of the japaneese console games..?? or European movies which usually can be seen in european theaters first...? (and sometimes need to be re-produced for the specific US audience before showing them in usa ) be patient btw --we have been waiting for a year now, so couple of days more is not a tradegy after all... [edit]patient[/edit]
  8. btw this month' release remainds me last year discussion -- http://www.flashpoint1985.com/cgi-bin....5;st=45 (I said that I don't belive that ArmA would be released in Q4 2005 but will be rel. in 2006 and will be called OFP2, not Arma --all right, IT IS called Arma, but it's only a "bridge" game, between OFP and OFP2, which will share the engine with VBS2.. (if i'm not wrong --I'm not up to date on this because I already lost my patience )
  9. yep, delayed.. --new release date in Poland 24.11, so I expect similar delays in other countries... Â
  10. I mnaged to upload couple of this and last year's action pics. Enjoy you sissies More: http://www.geocities.com/pageunavailable/index5.html http://www.geocities.com/pageunavailable/index6.html http://www.geocities.com/pageunavailable/index7.html [Edit]sorry, forgot about addons: BAS Tonal, BAS Delta, Blacklood (?) UK troops, UKF Warrior and LR 110GS WMIK , CAT sand storm (light, no sound), CBT Humvees and OFrP Leclerc[/Edit] _
  11. wmk

    Mercenaries 1

    is it only me who has the laser pointer problem? -it appears that it has been created using two different beams (which is very cool if I'm right bcause it will looks like real laser beam) but only the first one is loading, second is not (..?): _
  12. wmk

    Mercenaries 1

    (don't blame hthe tcptest dog, it's cool doggy after all ) (and it's just the second addon I know which has the same issue) Mercs are awesome , no doubt -Jeniffer model with Neph' made head is really cool.. I wish all heads in ofp would be replaced by those... (NVG animations also really cool..) bugs (except those already mention above, like IR Designator CTD, etc.): funny carry/use enemy as human shield issue: get one when you carry a beretta [edit](or with a rifle but crouching or lying down, now I'm not sure; I can try to reproduce this)[/edit], then leave him;) Neph, one more think: Jennifer supposed to be a medic (Grom medic actually hehe) but she has no healing skills... (only "First Aid" kit on the left arm....) _ _
  13. wmk

    Mercenaries 1

    whoohoo! downloading [edit] hehe it's official: "Jennifer Description: Soldier (GROM), Medic" cool (bcause she couldn't be an operator -good choice Jen! [\edit]
  14. wmk

    Mercenaries 1

    T -240...
  15. wmk

    Mercenaries 1

    Neph, it would be great / at the other hand in real world if you carry two weapons and want to pick up another you have to leave one of them before.. so maybe your script should only check if 2nd/LAW slot is not empty and handle this in appropriate way so it would not return any error and say for example "sorry man, make some room first if you want to pick up that cool think" anyway it's a great and very unique work -even if this will not be released for ofp it's worth even $140 for... v***s product (actually I saw beta pics of your mercs some time ago at v***s.com site and it was one of the reasons of starting thinking about getting into this... [edit](really -I'm serious)[/edit]