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  1. Coolie joelie check this out: Download here
  2. waffendennis

    Custom roads

    Well i have some Custom roads in-game and they work but! The AI's dont use the Roads like the BIS roads and i have the Pathway LOD and thats placed good so can any 1 help me how to let it work in the cpp?
  3. waffendennis

    "cracking" encrypted pbos?

    MSPENCER please stfu you whore. Man your anoying me all the times. And im not dusturbing USB keys. I said my security is based on that. And dont try to anoy me again man....
  4. waffendennis

    "cracking" encrypted pbos?

    It's not that yours couldnt be cracked. It's just that someone has to "want" to first. Â CT: I dont know cause i based my security on the one that VBS1 has ( USB key ) but then built in to one file. So if you can crack that you can crack the VBS1 files also then.
  5. waffendennis

    "cracking" encrypted pbos?

    And from who did you steal that? And a better thing Use: the OFP Byte remover from CIA. And this lame security is so easy to crack. Im glad no one can crack mine.
  6. waffendennis

    Lotus vs longbow

    Sweetness Do you got more Topgear movies? I wanna watch :P
  7. waffendennis

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    Is it just me or are the pilots missing....?
  8. waffendennis

    Ofp limitations

  9. waffendennis

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    The little nimwit got : OWNED!!!! That'll teach 'em.
  10. waffendennis

    Ask a mod

    Who invited him back....?
  11. waffendennis

    Opf engine based photography 3 -no pics > 100kb

    IR ( infra red ) NV= Greenish.
  12. waffendennis

    Improved unit editor

    But any way I hope BIS reads this and get those ideas in OFP2
  13. waffendennis

    Improved unit editor

    And everyone else is talking about the MODELS not the animations.... Yes and the offical topic was: The choise of weapons and load out and not about Models. So i suggest that you read the first message again before saying a thing. //WaffenDennis
  14. waffendennis

    Us wwii memorial dedicated

    What words can do.... I only started with one thing and it ends with flame bating between various people from various countrys. I hope we can keep this thread in a nice civil manerd way. Keep in mind that this is about the fallen ones to memorize and not about now.
  15. waffendennis

    Ask a mod

    Did you miss all that? We had a second petition which I rewrote slightly, and EGM apologised etc. no i didnt miss it i saw it all only a few days ago i saw the report :P
  16. waffendennis

    Ofp combat photography 2. no pics over 100kb

    Nope they come with the USMC pack No they don't. VBS1 units, the two masked guys come in the OPFOR pack and the middle guy is a camel herder i think he came with the animals... http://img47.photobucket.com/albums/v143/thirtyg/300504.jpg 'Mailman's Alpha Spetnaz' on 'Zafana' Cap the last of those 3 pics is awesome!! Maybe they messed up my pack but i got USMC and some other packs and i got those units to...
  17. waffendennis

    Body types

    Yes verry good idea but not only with height but with weight to: The weight just affects your enerige of runing and what you can carry. It will make OFP2 even more realistic.
  18. waffendennis

    Problem with craptop

    Yup its your BIOS Try to do this: As soon you start up enter your BIOS screen and then disable the CD-DISK startup. Now it will work. If not... FRMT your pc.
  19. waffendennis

    Us wwii memorial dedicated

    thats amazing And i can under stand the feelings from the german soldiers. But its really strange that those USA soldiers dont have regrets from what they did... cause they shooted/killed the most people. But does any one else have their meaning about this?
  20. waffendennis

    Vbs1 gravics??

    He proberly forgoten to close this :P but Aviel: Look at Bis site and you can find info there about what will be done and what wont. and be sure to check: Flashpoint 2 site
  21. waffendennis

    Us wwii memorial dedicated

    Thats the person who I am talking about he shot those 3000 person with his MG and when that ran out of ammo he took his Mauser rifle and shooted them with a rifle... I have respect for that man that he can live with the deaths he made.
  22. waffendennis

    Us wwii memorial dedicated

    Agree with you Albert. But this week i saw a documentry on the news about D-Day and there where 2 man ( 1 Nazi MG42 gunner and a USA trooper who wanted to land on the beach ) The german Mguner ( still alive ) killed the most people in the world at that day. And now those 2 ( the once who where enemys ) are now 2 good friends. I needed to pick a tear away from that story. Altrough I dont understand one thing: We are only memorizing the USA/English/France/ soldiers but why not the one who have fallen at the german side? They faught with honor and courage and they dont get memorized? only because they where the so called "bad"side.
  23. waffendennis

    Ask a mod

    Lol  Hellfish. Same here only i was at the forums from BIA ( bis australia ) And the later bis created FP85 and made those forums. Btw: I hope you can bring back the old look from the forums as a skin cause: They where simply looking Dead sexy. PS: Look what i found: http://www.petitiononline.com/NOEGM999/petition.html Some one reported the SOCOM2 Fallen Rusian Soldier pic.
  24. waffendennis

    Lsr delta force teaser

    Wow verry nice addon Love the delta guys
  25. waffendennis

    Ask a mod

    Ineo: IB stores many cookies inside your Cookies/Temp folder Try to clear your Cookies and your Temp folder and the page will load verry faster.