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    what res u guys play at

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">1448x1088 32bit <span id='postcolor'> Close to my desktop, I run it at 1440x1080 By the way, I play OFP at 1600x1200x32, smooth as silk with my GF3.
  2. wind

    AT weapons...

    I don't know why this thread's moved here. Since Major Fubar is comparing weapons in OFP, it'd be in General forum. A single TOW may be not capble of destroying a T72 with a frontal hit. But the point is, TOW is a vehicle-mounted heavy AT weapon which is way more powerful than any portable AT weapons like CG. I too found that Hellfire/AT6 is too weak in OFP. Often it takes me 2 Hellfire to kill a T80. In fact, 1 hit of these monstrous AT missile should kiss any MBT goodbye. During the Gulf War, a "friendly" Hellfire hit a M1A1 and immediately disabled it. Considering T80 has inferior armor than M1A1..... I hope a new patch will fix it.
  3. wind

    Between the Lines Add-On preview

    Argg..... forgot to mention the framerate of BTL. I haven't encountered any performance problem with BTL. Maybe my TB1.4/512MB DDR/GF3 setup is still relatively strong by today's standard.
  4. wind

    Between the Lines Add-On preview

    To be fair, BTL isn't that bad, at least it's A LOT better than FMC Fury campaign (though I can't really complain something free ) Actually, in term of difficulty BTL is at least on par with Red Hammer. Since you play as resistance fighter, there aren't much arsenal on your hands. Most of the time you have to avoid frontal battle and fleeing is your last thing can do. These are somethings official campaigns generally lacks. Some mission objectives are quite creative indeed. Overally it's not up to the level of offical campaigns, but not far away. BTW, I've tried ULTCO mission pack too, very impressive. It successfully gives you the feeling of being in the army. Most missions are very well written. The only shortcoming is some missions don't end due to deserted soldiers or triggers which never happen. Luckily (ironically) it's only avilable as single missions so you can simply skip them. For anyone who are interested in FMC Fury campaign and ULTCO mission pack, head for Avon's lady FAQ to have a look. I think she is still hosting them.
  5. wind

    Poll between the SVD and the M21 Rifles

    I prefer M21 more for 2 reasons: Variable zoom and more ammo. Variable zoom can be crucial when long range sniping degenerates into CQB, i.e. better situation awareness. It also allows you to pick the most valuable/dangerous target when zoom out and then zoom in for the kill. In OFP I don't notice any difference between the damage of 7.62x51 and 7.62x54 gunshots. Assuming the same skill and luck level, the one with M21 will have more kills between each reload. The only drawback of M21 is very difficult to predict moving target, especially when near perpendicular angle. My first post here, thanks mod for the swift response.