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  1. Hi. Thanks for this great mod. I found few bugs. -Hilux, UAZ (also maybe few other cars) - little bit levitating, steering wheel is turning on opposite side -BMP2, T55 (also maybe few other vehicles) - missing optics crosshair -empty unit backpacks (I think that was riflemen and few others) - i dont know if its bug
  2. I have problem with helis and some AI at main base. In one moment AAF soldiers and helis at airbase get freezed. Heli (Night Hawk) is staying 100 meters from heliport and 30 meters above terrain and don´t respond to orders. And AAF soldiers are like a statue :-) Freezed on patrol :-) edit: I try to make video or screenshot
  3. Laser Designator isn´t there and also batteries for designator (maybe you think rangefinder). I used designator like a marker for gunship heli - it was more effective :-) I am at day 3, I have NVG, but NV optics (for gun) is missing at equipment list. OK. Thanks for answer. It was only question. Mission is great :-)
  4. Is it mistake or you changed equipment list? I am looking for NVG optics, laserdesignator and .45 cal pistol.
  5. vanhouten

    Night vision and sniper scopes

    Try M4SPR and M16 ACOG. They maybe will work with NVG - but they aren´t sniper rifles.
  6. still WIP or is it dead project now?
  7. vanhouten

    The Road To War - SP Campaign

    Probably it was caused by this. Run ARMA without any addons and mods. only official game: Arma2:CO + DLCs.
  8. vanhouten

    The Road To War - SP Campaign

    Hi, I tried that mission 3 times and I hadn´t any problem with this. Try to restart Arma and try mission again.
  9. is any chance to release patch which repair bugs in ACR DLC? I bought DLC in august and still I can´t finish Silver Lion campaign.
  10. Finally without vilas weapons pack :-) I am going to download asap :-) Thanks
  11. my tasks works OK. first guy at farm, then ammunition cars, then attack with alfa and bravo to small village. maybe you would to lock Mi8 :-)
  12. nice simple mission without bugs or errors. btw: where i can get M107 from picture? :)
  13. vanhouten

    Nogovan Paratroopers

    I like this paras with G3, but I would also welcome with BI weapon or your own weapons. Vilas weapons packs are complicated - too many addons at once. Or release second version - one version with vilas weapons, second with BI? gun with grenade launcher could be AK or M4A1_HWS_GL BTW very nice work - all Nogovan units :-)
  14. vanhouten

    ARMA 2 OA 1.52 :Bugs

    TWS does not work in the fog. I set the fog at the highest level in this setting as seen by TWS as far as without him. Can not see the soldiers and vehicles that are hidden in the mist. sorry for english :)