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    my evaluation

    This is the subforum for the Take On Community Preview. Comments are going to consist of two things: 1. useful feedback 2. omgwtf how do I [problem] Apparently dirtydeeds thinks we should have two massive threadnaughts and nothing else. I disagree. My post was on topic for the subforum. The devs apparently appreciated the feedback. So dirtydeeds, you're entitled to your opinion, but if you're going to wear your own arse as a hat then you don't get to complain when you get called out. K? K.
  2. vaaf_rup

    my evaluation

    I stopped worrying about little forum hitlers waving their epeens around a long time ago :) Good to see you're including atmospheric conditions into the FM, looking forward to the next update. I didn't actually try the auto hover, only the auto trim? Not the first time, won't be the last ;)
  3. vaaf_rup

    my evaluation

    Oh, you mean the one that's 10% feedback and the rest noise? Wow. You're welcome. *headdesk*
  4. I spent about two hours in TO:H tonight arsing about. Firstly my experience for the record: flight simming since MSFS1, helo sims since Longbow 2, a lot of time in DCS:Black Shark and helos in FSX. Real Life front seat time on Squirrel, Iroquois, Blackhawk, Kiowa. Kit was X52 in cyclic/collective configuration, trackIR4, CH pedals. In no particular order: TrackIR isn't bounded inside the cockpit. If you have X/Y/Z translation on, you end up with your head in the breeze. Need to limit this. Asymmetry of rotor lift seems to be a bit too aggressive. Noticeable right roll with even slight forward movement. I know that you can offset this with auto trim, but you could dial it down a little without losing realism. The wee helo seems to run out of left pedal way too easily. It feels like a heavy huey rather than a little sportscar. Could be my pedal axis sensitivity, but it feels like it has an underpowered antitorque rotor (or high density altitude). Are you modelling "hot and high" conditions, requiring hover power checks, etc? Good to see wind modelled. Doesn't seem very effective though? Didn't seem to make a lot of difference? Would like to see weathercocking and downdrafts over ranges etc, encouraging proper mountain flying and pinnacle approaches. Also we need better wind indications on the ground, e.g. lakes, dust etc. HUD is good, and I'd say pretty essential given lack of inner-ear feedback. Regular vibratey burbles don't seem to be linked to any particular flight state. Is this meant to be turbulence or what? Initially thought this was a translational lift burble (though too aggressive), but it happens (too?) regularly, at lots of different speeds and always feels the same. Translational lift isn't obviously implemented, might just be me though. Vortex ring doesn't seem to be modelled. Straight down from a few hundred meters, pulled stick, hover. Much easier to fly with auto trim set - need to be able to bind manual trim/release to keys. Ideally hold button/key for trim release, sets trim on release key/button. Option for knots/feet on the HUD would be nice. Autos definitely doable, feel ok. Didn't really respond as expected to a collective "check" after flare, was a bit more Arma-ish. Also it would be nice to be able to hear Rotor RPM as a guide when autorotating. Cyclic correction to stay level when slide landing doesn't seem to help. Once you start tipping over, you tip. Might just be me though. There is no Vne modelled (well, I got it up to 1000m and pointed straight down, and pulled out fine at 350+ km/h). It's also fully aerobatic, including hovering cyclic snap rolls. Feels a bit weird. It's robust as hell (in a bad way). Full deflection cyclic, mashing axes, unusual attitudes etc, nothing breaks it. Couldn't get the main rotor to cut my own tail off no matter how hard I tried :D Not sure if there's the ability to bind analogue axes to the throttles, but that would be nice. Allows you to model governor failures etc. $0.02. Thanks for this, I'd definitely be happy if this FM made it into Arma2.
  5. vaaf_rup

    Island Panthera for ArmA 2

    Hi, This is a beautiful piece of work, thanks. However, I'm having issues with DAGR as reported here: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/20530 Are you able to advise if this is an issue in the island, or in ACE? Thanks
  6. vaaf_rup

    SimHQ ArmA2 MP Mission Pack v1

    Damn, the NAP defend (coop 15?) was a hard one with 4-6 humans and the rest AI. Nice job. Is there an official discussion over at SimHQ on this pack?
  7. Hi, I'm making my first multiplayer mission in ArmAII and it's gone OK except for my dustoff helo. When I play it in "preview" in the editor, my dustoff script (executed via execVM from a timed trigger) spawns the helo fine and all is good. However in the multiplayer test I ran, it spawned three helos! I assume that it's doing it once per client (we had 3 folks in-mission testing). I've no doubt done something dumb, or not done something extremely clever, in moving it from essentially a SP mission to a MP mission. I'm sure I've read something about script scope etc, but a quick search hasn't turned anything up. Any helpful links or pointers? Ta
  8. is there a workaround, other than just not using those functions? Happens to me when I use sideRadio to call a .wss sound defined in description.ext.
  9. Thank you all, I've had no success with flyInHeight. Will keep trying and searching.
  10. Thank you for this. Figured out how to get a helo to spawn, fly to a waypoint and load: groupdustoff = CreateGroup West; dustoff11 = createVehicle ["RAF_Chin47", [(getMarkerPos "dustoffstart") select 0, (getMarkerPos "dustoffstart") select 1, 10], [], 0, "FLY"]; dustoff11pilot = groupdustoff createUnit ["USMC_Soldier_Pilot",[0,0,10],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; dustoff11pilot moveInDriver dustoff11; dustoff11pilot assignAsDriver dustoff11; dustoff11gunner = groupdustoff createUnit ["USMC_Soldier_Pilot",[0,0,20],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; dustoff11gunner moveInGunner dustoff11; dustoff11gunner assignAsGunner dustoff11; dustoff11medic = groupdustoff createUnit ["USMC_Soldier_Medic",[0,0,30],[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; dustoff11medic moveInCargo dustoff11; dustoff11medic assignAsCargo dustoff11; dustoff11wp1 = groupdustoff addWaypoint [position dustoffpad, 0]; dustoff11wp1 setWaypointType "LOAD"; dustoff11wp1 setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; dustoff11wp1 setWaypointCombatMode "WHITE"; dustoff11wp1 setWaypointBehaviour "AWARE"; dustoff11wp1 setWaypointStatements ["true", "doStop dustoff11;dustoff11 land ""land"";"]; Thanks
  11. I think my OP makes it clear that I have searched and searched. Both here and on armaholic. There are indeed many threads, all of which have similar issues and none with any conclusive resolution. Perhaps your search-fu is much stronger than mine, in which case I would humbly request a link to the thread that conclusively answers my problems. Thank you
  12. I can make an AI dustoff on land with helipads etc, but for the life of me I can't get the dustoff helo to land back on the Khe Sanh. I've tried setting the height of the helipad, using setPos and setPosASL to set the helipads to 20, 15.9, 130 and a range of other z values, and it just doesn't work. Anybody got any magic advice for me? Much appreciated
  13. Even in this age of high technology, every section and vehicle will have paper theatre maps available. I hate having to take my eyes inside when I'm flying to check my position, I'd much rather have a printed map on my knee for quick reference. I'd be very happy either if BI released PDF versions with gridlines that we could print at an appropriate scale (1:25,000?) on a large-format printer, or if they released printed maps for purchase. My second point is in relation to aircraft power controls - the throttle/collective. In helos, one tends to pull for power. In fixed-wing, one tends to push for power. It seems that we must make the decision one way or another when setting up our controllers, which means it will always be "wrong" for either fixed or rotary, depending on which way you've set it up. It would be great to have a key-bindable control to flip the "aircraft throttle up" and "aircraft throttle down" bindings on the fly without having to go into control setup and change it each time I change aircraft type. Thanks!
  14. vaaf_rup

    Improve performance.

    Folks, Thank you for the above posts, they have helped greatly with my server setup. I was wondering what you thought of the following config for my server. It is running on an old-ish laptop (Pmobile 1.7, 2GB) but is limited to only 6 players for coop missions over internet so I thought it might be OK for that. Tested internet speeds are about 4.5 Mbps down and 750kbps up (bits not Bytes). the server is live, called "VAAF.net Rup Dedicated Beta" if you need to hit that. Config as follows: //Data TX/RX configuration MaxMsgSend=128; MinErrorToSend=0.01; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed=256; // Bandwidth Settings MinBandwidth=256000; MaxBandwidth=750000; // no custom faces, sounds MaxCustomFileSize=0; language="English"; adapter=-1; 3D_Performance=15389.000000; Resolution_W=800; Resolution_H=600; Resolution_Bpp=32; Many thanks