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  1. Can anybody help me to setup an Arma dedicated server, with the right settings (best performance) for a 10/10 mbit, Athlon64 2.4 dual core 1GB Ram. Best Regards Vipermanden Â
  2. vipermanden

    To much damage

    Does anybody know if there are a fix for soldier damage? I mean if I fall from an edge (only 2 meters max) I get so hurt that I`ll must crawl, is that for real? in real life we have all jump from that height, and we are still running and smiling. I also seen it when AI Blawk Hawks deploy troops, half the men are hurt real bad or killed from the height of 1-2 meters.
  3. vipermanden

    To much damage

    But still loosing squad members like that is not acceptable (sure from 3 meters) but not 1-2.
  4. vipermanden

    Durg's Vegetation Fix

    Nice fix, but its funny how an outsider can fix this and not BIS. Face it BIS! nearly all the cool stuff are made by gamers, not you. Thank you GAMERS
  5. vipermanden

    FFAMM v1.3

    The greatest MOD to Arma right now cool stuff.
  6. Hi I´m making a mp objective mission and want to set the time limit to 7-10 minutes or mission failed, can anyone help me??? Best regards Viper
  7. vipermanden

    I found a Santa From Hell in Arma

    Hi all I was playing with the editor and placed a man on a chimney (for a good sniping position) and found this http://imageshack.dk//viewimage.php?file=/imagesfree/aSN90432.jpg
  8. vipermanden

    I found a Santa From Hell in Arma

    Oh I did`nt know that sorry, cool by the way
  9. vipermanden

    Helicopter Fast landing

    Hi all, I´m making a mission were a littlebird shall land and deploy troops in a city on the street, and I made it fly low (h1 flyinheight 10) but here is my problem, before insertion the helicopter goes up in height before landing and exposes itself. Is there a way or command to make it flyinheight 10 and keep that level and just land fast?
  10. vipermanden

    2-11 pow rescue

    Aarrrgghhh shit I have looked at the wrong mission POW rescue and pilot rescue sorry
  11. vipermanden

    2-11 pow rescue

    Hi cool multiplayer map, how do you make the littlebird fast land in the intro, without it changing altitute? I have tried to do so ,but it changes to a higher height before landing. And I can´t open your pbo file with the unpbo extractor.
  12. vipermanden

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

    Well we have 10mbit up and 10 down
  13. vipermanden

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

  14. Hi folks I`m running a server win 2003 with 10mbit upload, and its running great UNTIL!!! when admin (could be anyone) gets killed,the monitor reports no out data (no data out from server) and the game is standing still. Here is my cfg passwordAdmin = "dingdong"; // password to protect admin access password = ""; hostname="bla bla bla"; motd[]= { "Welcome to bla bla bla", "and bla", "Hosted By bli blu bla", }; // Hope You Will Enjoy Your Stay motdInterval=1; voteThreshold=0.33; // when one third agrees, this is enough to confirm a vote reportingIP="armedass.master.gamespy.com"; // private server - no reporting voteMissionPlayers=1; // 3 Makes the server hang checkfiles[]={"HWTL\dta\data3d.pbo","dta\data3d.pbo"}; //list of files to check for identity kickduplicate=1; // do not allow duplicate id equalModRequired=0; // require equal mod maxPlayers=19; disableVoN=1; persistent=1; class Missions { class MPcoop_01 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = co12@-spec-ops-part-1.Sara cadetMode = 0; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc) }; class MPCOOP_02 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = co12@spec-ops-part-2.Intro cadetMode = 0; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc) }; class MPCoop_03 // name for the mission, can be anything { template = co12@spec-ops-part-3.Sara cadetMode = 0; // difficulty 0=veteran 1=cadet (not only AI, but radar, map etc) }; }; anything wrong here? my firewall has the ports 2302 2303 and 2305 open and my arma_server.exe shortcut is this -config=server.cfg -port=2302
  15. vipermanden

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

    Maybe someone have a 10/10 mbit to run a dedicated server, and have a ArmA.cfg config they can share with a noop. Our server runs great the first 2 min. and then its getting laggy (high ping) at start 10-20ms in ping and after 2 min about 150-200ms. Â Please help me There is a firewall on , and the ports 2302, 2303 and 2305 are open
  16. vipermanden

    Slow Mission Transfer Rates

    I´m getting that same problem, please help.
  17. vipermanden

    Dedicated Server closing mission

    Can you show us the server.cfg settings, maybe I could better help you that way.
  18. vipermanden

    Server settings on a 10/10mbit

    Thanks very useful tool, but as Jin wrote I would still learn how to set parameters for best performance for my bandwith 10/10 and my specs on computer.
  19. vipermanden

    Team Objective Maps

    I´m looking for some Team Objective Maps, like Medal of honor or Americas Army. Something like blow up a vehicle or steal some documents and head back to base to win the round. Anyone knows any good ones??? or maybe build one or many?   I´m not very strong at building missions with scripts and such.
  20. Can the ECP 1.85 be converted to Arma?
  21. vipermanden

    Arma demo and firewall

    thanks I try that.
  22. vipermanden

    Arma demo and firewall

    Hi all I can`t see my dedicated server with my firewall turn on, anyone know what ports it runs trough? incomig and outgoing ports? Works fine with the firewall turned off, but its a company dsl line I`m using, so firewall must be on.
  23. vipermanden

    DXDLL 1.0 (not Geforce MX compatible)

    I wonder if keg will make a directx 9.0 version or maybe a directx 10.0 for Vista if there will be a Vista patch.
  24. I don`t know how many hours our how hard it is to do a facelift to these three amazing addons. But think they deserve the best facelift. Is there a man or crew who`s up for that challenge? Only if posible.
  25. vipermanden

    Armed Assault

    I just saw the trailer, but is it just me or does the soldiers look like morons when they run!!??