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    the same could be said i went around the map and found ladders u can not even use like the church tower ladder in OFP its the same model but u can;t use the ladder in that same builing in arma u can look up and see that there is a platform up there like the OFP one
  2. volkov956

    CR-CTI-Beta für ArmA!

    Just a request if i might Will this version of CTI have a option or alternate map where if one is playing against say just AI that u can turn off the Win by taking all towns function?
  3. volkov956

    CR-CTI-Beta für ArmA!

    ooohhhh darn missed it coulda tested it in a Lan today
  4. volkov956


    The Original MFCTI not CRCTI
  5. volkov956

    East Wepons vs West Weapons

    I prefer the East Side weapons in Arma just like OFP I have a easy time killing with them
  6. volkov956


    One WORD "MFCTI"
  7. volkov956

    MFCTI in Arma

    Does anyone know if Mike Melvin is still working on MFCTI for Arma? I been lookin at his forums but seems a little dead there atm. I tried the new CTI but meh its dry and ugh compaired to OFP Mfcti
  8. volkov956


    Is it supposed to like this Take a soldier then try and swim all his weapons and grenades and etc will be dropped into the water so when u try and go to land ur weaponless
  9. volkov956


    never yet seen anyone else speek of it so far but i never used the search button so meh
  10. volkov956

    question about the Dragunov optics

    Fine the way it is dropping I just wish I could adjust the sights like the Delta Force Series (Old Ones not arcady new one)
  11. volkov956

    Dedicated Server Needs Wth

    Now i have a silly question how does one run a dedicated server without a fricken CD. its running atm but I have to put one of the game CDS in otherwise starfoce has a piss fest when running the dedicated Server Shortcut
  12. volkov956

    Where to buy ??

    I was able to buy 2 yesteday but of course attempt 3 today = blank page
  13. volkov956

    AI And Power Lines

    or they're detection for Overhead Objects is too sensitive
  14. volkov956

    AI And Power Lines

    I have discovered that lots of times while in Campaign where is the large Transformer Power Lines the AI when in ur command if you ask them to pass through under (while in a vehicle) they will drive all the way way around. Or they will only drive under the certain set of power lines say outta 10 Poles so thyey drive all the way down to that spot to pass through.
  15. volkov956

    Try the MP Mode

    I ran a Arma Lan yesterday we played fer lets see over 4 hrs no crashes on any machine but one COOP map we did download had some weird clipping issues and some weird anomalies besides that great fun
  16. volkov956

    Your ideal PC to play ARMA?

    I have tested it on 3 machines running good on them Athlon X2 4600+ 7950 GT 2gb Ram Audigy Platnium EXT Athlon X2 4600+ 7950 GT 2gb Ram SB Audigy 2 ZS Plat EXT Main Rig 2 x 250 Opterons 7950gx2 4gb Ram SB Xifi Plat EXT
  17. volkov956

    how to create a dedicated LAN server?

    yea I am also trying to figure out how to have a Dedictated Server at all in Arma
  18. volkov956

    MFCTI in Arma

    dunno never tried converting it to a SP mission yet....
  19. volkov956

    Ladders and Civilian Vehicles

    Is it me or does most of the ladders around the map not usable the same with the Civilian vehicles only thing i can get out of those vehciles is the gear menu its like there is tons of locked vehicles and useless ladders
  20. volkov956

    MFCTI in Arma

    I just played MFCTI on Ofp yesterday this new one feels not even close
  21. volkov956

    Body Armor

    Just for a small input my Kar98k puts holes through almost 1in metal but its a rifle hehe. Used Silvet Tip 180gr Rounds to do that. Did not have my FMJ rounds to use that day sadly. Other things this rifle has penetrated at 100feet+ -5in Treated Wood and about 2inches into the other 5in wood behind it. -Through a Lead/Iron Pipe went through one side then shattered inside and richoted through the inside. -Car Axle but most the time it just richocets off depending on angle. -So a High Caliber Rifle yeah I bet can go through body armour if it heads properlly. But I don;t feal like blasting a Body Armour suit to see what happens waste of money
  22. volkov956

    FFUR - Huge Release !!

    Anyone have a modified Config.bin where Lean and Roll are not implemented I wanna host a Dedicted server but the roll and lean crash the server once a player does it
  23. Crash: When ever the game is being run with the Sound Hardware Accelleration in the game menu the game will crash randomly. If its on Disabled the game plays fine on Software Mode for sound. Of Course the game runs perfectly on my other 2 rigs. System Specs Athlon 64 3200+ 1mb 1.5gb DDR Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP1 BGF 6800 Ultra O/C (81.98whql) Sound Blaster 2 Audigy 2 ZS (current) 10/100/1000 DLINK PCI Network Adapter 2x80 GB ATA PC 133 8m Cache Hard Drives MSI K8N Neo Platinum (Bios 1.9) Game Settings and etc Operation Flashpoint Resistance 1.96 1024x768 75hz Have tried Reintalling Nvidia Nforce Chipset, Nvidia Display Drivers, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Drivers. I actually do remeber the problem started after I Upgraded the sound card drivers from the Open AL Beta set to the final set. Worked before with older drivers So my qusetion is anyone else experience this as well Updated from volkov956 The Audigy 2 ZS main Chip on it was damaged by heat. After removing that card and installing another the problem of game crashing never happened again
  24. volkov956

    3 Systems 1 Crashes in Flashpoint

    Sadly thats what I have to do run the game in Software Mode Sound even though my other 2 systems with Audigy 2 ZS's do not have the same problem