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  1. how do you use a .rar file ?
  2. I'm looking for an AH-1 with a Marine skin on it rather than an Army one and also for a CH-46 if one exists. I've tried searching and the few promising links I get always come up with an error 404. any help appreciated, thx in advance.
  3. vitoal125

    Hitler? who is that?

    things i've heard about austrailia / aussies -they call corona beer horse piss -they serve corona with lime instead of lemon (or is it lemon instead of lime, not a big corona fan myself) -they have Hungry Jack, instead of Burger king, but the cups and wrappers still have the burger king logo on them - they have a bar called 'the bank' the females in townsville really like marines who come there to train. hmm, that's about all i've heard from my buddies who went, but I know they all claim it was the best country that they've been to so far.
  4. vitoal125

    Military Humor

    I'm a very mean corporal , example the other day I got several of our new marines (boot pfc's and privates) to go get the following... batteries for the chemlites 3 feet of gigline sent him to another corporal searching for PRC-E4 batteries (pronounced Prick E-4, E-4 being a corporal) 50 feet of flightline an ID 10 tango form (ID10T). also, told one marine that he had one of those new gerwhee covers, (take it, crumple it in a ball while saying gurrr, and then toss it and say weeee) but its all good natured and in the name of harmless fun (i realize some of these are on that one speacialists list, but they still work on gullable marines that are new to the unit and they're still funny)
  5. vitoal125

    Doh! they got me again...

    walker, you sound just like an fmfm 6-5 "fleet marine force manual". These are all good tactics, also remember fire and manuever as well as fire and movement. Have your buddy lay down suppresing fire while you move, and then fire while he moves. key to remember "Fire without movement is a waste of ammo, movement without fire is suicide" Granted, this doesn't work so well with AI as your buddies, its more of a mp thing. However in solo play, you can get the bad guys to hit the deck by firing a couple shots, then you have a little time to make a run for it.
  6. vitoal125

    Ch-53e superstallion

    This picture here is from my squadron, HMH-463...I was on this helicopter when this fast rope excersize was being performed, as an acting crew member. This took place only a few months ago (february) during PIX Det to the Phillipines. I'm very suprised to see this, and very proud...LOL. This picture was taken by a friend of mine that is a Combat Photographer who went with us. I didn't know it was put on the USMC site. all the pictures he took were for the HMH-463 Pegasus website that I run. To answer a few questions about fast rope. Yes you can fast rope from any version of CH53. The US Marines do infact fast rope from the CH53 and CH46. Note that to fast rope from any helo is a last resort insertion method. This is only done if there is no other way to land (I.E boat, hot LZ, ect.). As this was just a training mission the marines didn't go in with gear, but when we inserted Marines in the field for actual combat missions we had to insert them by fast rope due to the terrain and combat conditions. No SEALs were there to clear the area this time and they had full gear on. It just depends on the situation on how they get inserted. The Marines that went to the Phillipines had many combat missions against the terrorist group MILF (no joking thats the name) and HMH-463 inserted them into most of the drop zones. The Marines in the picture fastroping are from the 3rd Marine Regiment out of MCBH, Kaneohe Bay Hawaii. Wow never thought I would be on the internet  I'm willing to bet this is either Charlie or Alpha 1/3. Kinda cool, but I'm in bravo so its definitely not us since we were off doing another security mission in the mideast at the time. by the way, the preference of inserting recon marines into an LZ are taught as being landing, rappelling, fastroping, and then finally SPIE rigging. SPIE of course being when you're rigged into the rope
  7. When your in the infantry and you've played too much flashpoint - you start trying to plan field ops in ofp - you practice infantry skills in ofp - you claim ofp is a training resource to avoid an ass chewing for playing games during working hours - you develop and test squad tactics in ofp and then try to train Marines in them -when the squad leader goes away and you think to yourself "this is 2 taking command". - when you tell your squad "all get in 7 ton" - when you wish the boots (fng's) acted smarter like the ai
  8. for those who do not know, talking guns is when more than one machine gun are firing one after the other to make it sound like one gun shooting burst after burst. I wanted to know if anyone had a script or knows how to build a script where one M2 machine gun will fire about a 10 round burst then after a short break, a second M2 will fire a burst, and then the first, back and forth until they run out of ammo. I was thinking this could be done by having the first gun target an object and then have it fire until it has a certain amount of ammo, then have gun 2 dotarget and dofire and then just loop this, but I'm not completely sure of how to get it working.
  9. vitoal125

    A small teaser for campaign

    Well, new news. I now have a website at Lycos that I can host my own stuff on. So now you can just click the link in my sig and you can download the files there. Right now its just my campaign, hopefully soon I will put up the old missions that I created.
  10. vitoal125

    Taking screenshots

    Mister frag, have you looked down a m203? The ones issued out in my unit definitely have rifling in them. Its something like 1:48 though, so the grenade isn't going to go through even a quarter rotation while it is still in the launcher.
  11. vitoal125

    A small teaser for campaign

    Alright, I'm just about to finish the sixth mission of the campaign I'm making. Here's my problem, I do not have a website to host the files on but I would like for people to test these first six missions and get back to me on any problems they are having and also to find out if people like the missions so far. What I really need is opinions on which missions are good/bad and what kind of missions I should make more of in future campaign missions. About the campaign -I'm trying to keep it as real as possible with as few concessions to gameplay as I can get away with - This is an infantry campaign where you will complete many infantry missions - The majority of these missions are authentic because I myself am in the infantry and have performed some of these types of missions. Just go ahead and reply in this post with your email address and I will send you the file, or if you have a site and are willing to host this small sample, just give me a ring. I'll check back here daily so I can send off the files in the mail.
  12. vitoal125

    Playing without crosshairs and why i love it so...

    I must admit, whenever I fly a chopper I usually do so in 3rd person view. Though I am quite proficient without it on, the only real task it makes more difficult is the landings. With 3rd person on, I can pick the tightests of spots to land in, without it, I have to have a wide open area to land in lest I hit a lone tree at 2meters off the deck. I do like the added realism from that factor, but most of the time whenever I get in a chopper its just to mess around as I find the pure infantry side of the game to be the most fun.
  13. vitoal125


    yes it will work on a trigger. I remember parts of the code for the other way it goes something like i=0 _maxcount = count mygroup #jump _jumper = mygroup select i _jumper action ["eject", heli] unassignvehicle _jumper ~2 i = i + 1 ?(i < _maxcount): goto "jump" end where mygroup is the name of the group of your units, heli is the name of the heli and ~# is the number of seconds between jumpers.
  14. vitoal125


    this is a quick and dirty way to do it, I know there's an easier way but I can't remember the code off hand so here it is just put this in a script called airdrop.sqs <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">~1 vader1 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader1; ~2.5 vader2 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader2; ~2.5 vader3 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader3; ~2.5 vader4 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader4; ~2.5 vader5 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader5; ~2.5 vader6 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader6; ~2.5 vader7 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader7; ~2.5 vader8 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader8; ~2.5 vader9 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader9; ~2.5 vader10 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader10; ~2.5 vader11 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader11; ~2.5 vader12 action ["eject", inva1]; unassignvehicle vader12; exit where inva1 is the name of the helo and vader## is the name of the unit to eject. On the on activation field of the wp, just type inva1 exec "airdrop.sqs"
  15. vitoal125

    What is the role of the usmc

    Brings to mind my favorite joke about the fact that our seal says "Department of the Navy" on it. Yes, we are part of the department of the navy, the men's department that is.another reason we exist: the american public likes to see us in our dress blues.