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  1. ukr-man

    Ukrainian mod

    2eagleusa No, only in east side.
  2. ukr-man

    Ukrainian mod

    Tu-160 was very bad modele.And now we lost it)
  3. ukr-man

    Ukrainian mod

    But how about Ukrainian Infantry for OFP with Vepr assault rifle? And Ukrainian T-72 and T-55
  4. Hello to everyone!Now ukrainian mod in progress.Here is our projects: BTR-4(thanks to PD1) Kraz6332(few variants) 95 airborne brigade Luaz We need help with scripts, textures and config!!!
  5. ukr-man

    AAN - ArmA Navy

    Your ships is really very cool)
  6. ukr-man


    Antonov is ukrainian contruction bureau.Plane was design in soviet times.Ukraine have more bigger plane based on an-124 - an-225 "Mriya(ukrainian)" (Dream) I hope that an-124 for AA will be soon)
  7. ukr-man

    Lost-World Returns

    I want to play with dinosaurs in AA)Animation of dinosaurs are realistik?
  8. Beautiful Mi-24)) We can co-operate.What do you think about it?
  9. ukr-man

    Ukrainian Mod(need help!)

    Here is another our model of UAZ "Buhanka"
  10. ukr-man

    Ukrainian Mod(need help!)

    UAZ-469 BTR-4 We working to make ukrainian aeromobilian , mechanized and specnaz forces. Also we want make T-64BM and T-84 Our mode need help with textures!
  11. Here is our projects: Kraz6322 real And for game Luaz:
  12. ukr-man

    Ukrainian army truck - KRAZ

    That was very old beta version of KRAZ.Now we made new addon of KRAZ
  13. Screnshoots of new UkrMod project