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  1. I can say, it works with separating access to this script. But we have another problem. When I press "compute" I see freezed screen "computing", and nothing happens. I used this script on dedicated server before, but never when someone was on opposite side. Maybe there is a problem and something crashes? Btw. in R3F_ARTY folder, in init.sqf: / Suppression de l'interface d'artillerie de BIS apparue dans la version 1.54 d'ArmA OA if (isClass (configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "BAF_Soldier_MTP")) then { call compile "enableEngineArtillery false;"; }; Changing false to enable gives a possibility to use BIS arty system.
  2. I'm looking for solution for a problem: I am a commander of USA forces, using this script for artillery support. My friend is on opposite side, as Russian. How to disable this script on his cannons(he has to use BIS-made artillery computer)? I know how to disable R3F_LOG, but have no idea how to disable arty. this setVariable ["R3F_ARTY_disabled", true] - doesn't work.
  3. But there is a problem when you shoot at civilians. ALICE works fine in editor, but on dedicated server after killing one, immediately there is lag and desync grows up. Try this yourself.
  4. Madbull, there is problem with a map on Chernarus(haven't checked Takistan yet). Coordinates in computer don't match with map. Example: As we can see, on computer we have 0365 1031. But on the map it really is 0366 0504. Using map-click it matches 0504 as 1032.
  5. I use OA with ACE, demo mission on Takistan. I used this artillery for long time, and I'm pretty sure I haven't done anything wrong ;) To sum up, AI can't execute fire order when it is away more than ~6000m. Procedure is: 1. Setting battery position 2. Setting target position 3. Setting ammo type with charges for 12000m 4. After computing it shows me target is 9872m away 5. Sending fire orders 6. "RELOADING" message appears from AI 7. About 30sec passes away, and then shows notification saying AI can't execute order Everything works when target is closer than 6000m. Edited 22:41 I've just checked demo version on Chernarus, it works perfect, but Takistan still not ;)
  6. AI can't execute orders if target is more than ~6km away. Charges for 9000m or 12000m don't make any diffference. Or did I something wrong? Could someone check it?
  7. From me, another request for changing priority of "add the capabilities to send fire orders to AI" to higher one. More real players on a field than in front of cannon.
  8. Hi. Do you know what to do to make this transport working in MP? For example, there are real players somewhere on the map. I am CO in the base. They request for MEDEVAC and I send them HUEY. Normally it doesn't work because chopper "can't see me" near the landing zone, so it's not landing, just doing circles over the LZ. Thx for answer.
  9. I have a problem using this addon on mi24. In the chopper all are real players -> pilot and soldiers in cargo. When group leader drops ropes, automatically(after 20sec) he is being dropped. But no one else has option to drop himself. Sometimes it appears, but after slide you die. So it's unplayable in MP.
  10. ufoman

    Xam 1.4 released

    There is no sound of burst in M16.
  11. ufoman

    BIS...perfect Game company?

    God bless BIS :]
  12. ufoman

    Support for polish ofp players needed

    Thank you BIS!!! I'm so happy:D:D:D
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    Support for polish ofp players needed

    I hope so 1.90PL will be this week;)
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    Support for polish ofp players needed

    We can't play on UE servers..I am sad..still we are waiting for 1.90PL. Please help us!!!