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  1. Would be cool to see some more opfor units
  2. tisse

    WW2 Desert pack - North Afrika 1941-1943

    Thats a shame. Those units actully looks quite nice someone should contact the maker and see if he still have the unfinnished project.
  3. tisse

    WW2 Desert pack - North Afrika 1941-1943

    No italian units? What a shame considering they basicly sarted the north africa campaign
  4. This mod is clearly biased to the allied side. Just look the listing of the infantry divisions there. But for the german it just says german infantry.
  5. When i press 1 the browser does not open. I did also try to open the two "Ip" links in the step by step but its not working either!
  6. Well i tought you wanted people to try your amazing work. At the moment i just don't understand how you use the SIX system.
  7. They should make a step by step with pictures. Or a video on youtube how to do it!
  8. tisse

    Aeneas2020 WIP thread

    What map are you using in those screenshots?
  9. tisse

    UK Special Forces V1.1

    Just played around with your addons and i think they look quite good man. A picture http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll55/tisse90/pic1.png
  10. I really hope this mod focuses more on the infantry weapons that most of the other ww2 mods out there. The other mods have quite poor quality weapons and none of them have animations!