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  1. tool831

    Patch 1.08 - Released!

    I recently had to uninstall my Arma and so i needed to reinstall the 1.08 patch but my windows says "Is not a valid Win32 application" could someone help me please? also just to add, ive had it all working before.
  2. tool831

    XAM 1.3 Released

    7 hours for me.. But its excellent so i don't care
  3. tool831

    Dawn of the Yomies

    Noob question... Is it possible to add zombie background sounds? Also the basic template isn't working for me but your mission is..
  4. tool831

    GeForce 7600

    I have the same graphic card, my advise is just stay with the official ones
  5. Pretty silly doing this but it kinda looks cool from a distance in arma. I should of made it for a helmet less soldier. I need to fix the distance between the eyes and mask alittle bit.
  6. tool831

    installing addons

    Im lucky that i found this so then i didn't start a new one.. Just abit of help i need to understand more.. I downloaded 2 addons, they both need the target line in the Arma shortcut and i have no idea what to do since you cannot add 2 codes or even combine the files etc i tried it but doesn't work. Can someone just explain the target codes so i can have 2 addons working with 1 or 2 target lines or something please? i gave up on trying so i came here.
  7. tool831

    Addon or mod for kids

    ^^^ Agreed! Thats why games have ratings.. MA15+
  8. tool831

    Hardware and settings for ArmA

    I play armed assault on all normal settings then blood on high, i still get some bad loading when in gameplay. All background programs are shut off. Ive also patched arma to 1.08 Specs: --------------------------- Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) CPU: Intel® Pentium® D CPU 3.00GHz CPU Speed: 3.00 GHz Performance Rated at 5.40 GHz RAM: 1021.8 MB HAD: 149GB Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS DirectX Version: DirectX9 Sound card:Realtek High Definition Audio --------------------------- I would love it if someone could tell me exactly what i need to do in order to play it without little freezing in between when playing
  9. Im just working on textures atm.. Just mucking around since im new to arma, soon enough ill start some work and if good enough ill show you guys.
  10. don't really know if this counts as a face but here is my damage skin... Sometimes the bone jaw works and sometimes it don't, i have know idea why it does this but it's a good thing since it makes it more random Unpack characters and go into hhl and drop it in there then it will ask to replace 'hhl_wound2_mc' then pack it back up and your ready. @GiganI have made it High resolution but i cannot put it on here seeing as it is now 524.2K and if i lower it the image will screw up. So ill give you the link... High Resolution Face13
  11. tool831

    Mission editior help

    Thank you! Helps me out alot
  12. tool831

    Mission editior help

    Hello all, I finally got armed assault and played around etc.. The thing is ive placed my teams & stuff on mission editor and tested it out but my team doesn't attack or anything they get in the helicopters and just hover they don't move, while the enemy team is attacking. Is there something i need to create or do so they work & is there any important things i need to know about the mission editor? Thanks.
  13. tool831

    ArmA Addon request thread

    A nice jeep wrangler would be nice but a army camouflage paint job on it & without the soft top too..
  14. tool831

    Arma's Patch

    Ah okay. Thank you very much
  15. tool831

    Arma's Patch

    Since this thread is relating to my little problem ill ask here My copy of Arma was downloaded off the official site but im not sure if its international or European... The version i have is 1.04 if that helps.