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  1. Thanks shk, I'm pretty good with scripting, but I would have never figured this out without help. Do I need to do anything particular with the units in the editor, like give them ranks or anything, mainly the squad leader?
  2. Wow thats a lot, I figured it would be something small, I'll test it out. Could you enlighten me and explain a bit of what's going on, I can tell sort of by going through it, but I'm not familiar with some of whats there..
  3. I'm trying to create a script that will check for a players distance to another player, if they are close enough to each other it joins them into a group. I want it to do this until all players on the map are within the same group, as they find each other spread about the area, and when they all get together after joining through their own little squads have one group leader whenever they come across that player (the 1st playable unit in the list when you select your unit at the start of the mission). Here is what I have so far, pretty rough, but I'm learning. I know I need a loop, but not sure what to put for the condition. Perhaps something to check if all players are within the same group, I don't know?? while { } do { { if ((player distance _x) <= 100) then { player joinSilent _x }; } foreach playableUnits; sleep 10; };
  4. Under the Advanced Topics section of the SecOps Wiki, it mentions that you can insert callsigns: callsigns (leader of group, leader speech used, hq, hq speech: ["ALPHA", ["Alpha"], "H.Q.", ["HQ"]]) I noticed that when I insert my own callsigns, and SecOps comes over the radio, the callsigns are blank, I don't hear either HQ or my person saying what I have put in for them to use. I know it's because I don't have any audio that represents what I have in place, but my question is how do I?
  5. Yeah, I didn't make it clear enough either. All good. Have any ideas as to why when you get higher up the light practically disappears? If I have to I can simply have the C130 at a low altitude and then when it's time to jump, bring it up to my jump altitude, but that would be the last thing I would want if I can help it. I also, noticed that flashlights don't work up past around 50 as well, same with the light, but they just don't work..
  6. The light is attached to the inside of the C130 (static), and I'm inside it as well. Thats is where I'm jumping from, 2500m above sea level using setPosASL. When the plane and light is around 50 the light is shining perfectly and nothing is wrong, it is when the plane and light is at 2500 where I want it to be, the light is then practically non existent, unless you get right up to it and even then you can't even see it, you can just faintly see something is there.
  7. I have a C130 that players will be jumping from, it is 2500m ASL, but my light doesn't want to glow like it did on the ground when I was testing to get it into the right spot before I moved the plane to 2500. On the ground it lights up very well and just how I want it, but at 2500 you can't even see the light unless you're right on top of it and even then it is really really dim to the point of barely knowing it's there. I've tested it out a few times at different heights, and it seems like the light stops shining normal at around 50m or so and starts to be non visible/dim. Any ideas?
  8. thegunnysgt

    Static C130 and HALO?

    How can we have a player's chute automatically open if they are under a specific height, sort of a safety measure so if they forget or don't open it in time. I've looked into the halo function, but can't make sense to it all. What function(s) do I need to use to start the free fall and then finally open the chute automatically, and how do I implement them. Too bad BIS didn't make this easy for use to use. UPDATED: Found out this will open up the chute at anytime when you want it in a script. [_unit] spawn BIS_fnc_halo; Now I just need to know how to get into free fall...
  9. Hello, two things.. I've never wanted or needed to use titles until now, I'm having some dificulity with the timing of them. The wiki never clearly states the appropriate numbers that the timing of the titles can have, is it in seconds, are there set numbers that have to be used such as from 0 to 1. I've tinkered with the timing, but every time I change it to something it changed alot and I can't get the timing I would like. I have a title that I would like to last atleast 3 or 4 seconds, then fade out for about the same amount of seconds. The second is, how can I detect when a specific building on the map has been destroyed, it is an objective that must be completed. Thanks!
  10. I've looked at all the commands that I could find, but couldn't fine one that returned the unit that is using a backpack. Similar to the 'vehicle' command where it returns the vehicle that player is using, but instead it's a backpack. How can I get the unit information when they have a backpack, if possible?
  11. I've opened up the pbo, but I haven't found anything like what you have. Can you tell me exactly where you found that, and other related files to it. Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know how the Arrowhead parachute training mission was created, I'd like to incorporate the static C-130 and sounds from it, so I can have my guys walk out the back. Would there be a way to detect when the ramp opens on that C-130? Also, does anyone know how they created the hints for OA, for the training missions?
  13. How can one set probability of presence in script, when you want to use the createvehicle. There are some objects I want to have created mid mission, but I want some probability to them. I can't find a command for it??
  14. thegunnysgt

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    How can I specify a particular player using the following? I have my mission, selecting a player at random and have the AC-130 called using this line. nul = []spawn{waitUntil {(LDL_initDone)};nul = [getPos player, 1000, 1000, true]call LDL_ac130_rot_setup;};
  15. For some reason playableUnits isn't returning anything? This is what I have in the script.. if ((name playableUnits) == "thegunnysgt") then { _unit = "thegunnysgt"; } else { _unit = playableUnits select floor (random count playableUnits); }; _unit exec "script.sqf";