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  1. how does the coop campaign feature work? do i need to wait for people to join on the initial setup screen or do people join once the actual mission starts? do people need my ip?
  2. tony1977

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    does everyone else crash while alt tabbing using this launcher or have i screwed something up?
  3. tony1977

    Total Newbie Questions

    you guys sure bout settings the video setting to high? everything ive read on this forum suggests leaving it at default.
  4. tony1977

    unit buying question

    is there any way to buy units while not standing next to the hq? im playing the badlands mission and im hoping i dont have to go all the way back to where i built my hq to buy more units.
  5. is there any way to buy units while not standing next to the hq? im playing the badlands mission and im hoping i dont have to go all the way back to where i built my hq to buy more units.
  6. whenever i load arma2 (CO) via steam a command line box briefly appears with all sorts of stuff which. some of the lines say invalid etc which sounds worrying. the game loads fine right enough but im just wondering why the command box appears when loading?
  7. tony1977

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    is it normal to be unable to use the steam overlay or even alt tab out while using this launcher? after i tried to alt tab the only way out was a hard boot. im running CO.
  8. tony1977

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    was a manual ever released for this very useful launcher? im having problems joining servers. i have a combined arms installation but the servers keep saying bad version. when i click on server i get the activate mods option. i click yes and it says arma2+OA executable not found even though i have the exe files listed in the launcher. also, my understanding of installing mods is this. i place the mod folder in my arma2 folder. i then open the launcher, open the addons tab and drag the mod over to the group folder. when i then tick the mod box it alters the shortcut, clicking the start button will load the game with mods? do i have that right? if this is correct then whats the create shortcut option for? ps, lol ok my head is fried now. im tryin to install the ASR AI mod and it has a keys and user config file. do i just dump them in the main arma 2 folder as well and enable with the launcher?
  9. tony1977

    squad ammo resupply

    i did ask i another thread but got no response. anyways, thanks for the link. another good result. im assuming the above mods are compatible? im also gonna try ACE mod at some point, the same question goes for that mod.
  10. tony1977

    squad ammo resupply

    awesome, sounds like exactly what i was lookin for. now if only there was a mod where AI would heal squad mates automatically.
  11. tony1977

    squad ammo resupply

    nah i decided i would finish of the arma 2 campaign before movin on to arrowhead.
  12. tony1977

    Manhatten safe house problem

    if i dont make it in a timely fashion to the safe house does this mean im screwed and i cant progress? i dont have a previous save.
  13. tony1977

    squad ammo resupply

    whats the deal with squad resupply on some of the larger campaign missions, does it automatically happen when near an ammo truck or what?
  14. tony1977

    Clean your computer, people!

    you really dont want to do this. by using a hoover you can actually suck up tiny components which will ruin your system. best to use a tin of compressed air to blow the dust out. hoovers and pcs arent a good mix.
  15. tony1977

    BAF lancers mission problem

    it must have been cos i was in the vehicle. no probs.