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  1. tangogg705

    Friendly AI..

    I must say you guys can make the nightmares ive had with Ofp all the years and now Arma actually seem funny , and nice video deanos
  2. tangogg705

    505's ArmA Special Edition - What ya want?

    i would have to go with the map idea like he said
  3. tangogg705

    The Soldier

    yeah it would be nice to still be able to customize your face
  4. tangogg705

    Where to buy ??

    if i was to order offline how would that work? What would happen if i had to restore my pc? I guess i will just have to wait for the U.K release and order off of amazon.co.uk.............
  5. tangogg705

    Where to buy ??

    No, all scripting is done using the same English language commands. Personally, I'd wait to see how the online distribution system works before I started thinking about buying the German version. Yeah your probably right, but after 2 years of waiting im starting to get jumpy lol
  6. tangogg705

    Where to buy ??

    I know this may be kinda off topic but for the editor, like scripiting will i have to script in german if i buy the german copy? thankyou for any help you give me