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  1. thaFunkster

    How to use SetDamage?

    How confusing, why didnt they just make everything a command?
  2. thaFunkster

    How to use SetDamage?

    Ok, thanks, I am trying to understand the command. I cant find it in the Comref, why is that? What would I do if I wanted to use this for a SMAW solider to fire on another unit?
  3. thaFunkster

    How to use SetDamage?

    Anyone?? I could really use the help here....
  4. thaFunkster

    How to use SetDamage?

    Thanks, but no joy I am afraid. Yet another question if anyone can help me. I have the Harriers flying over, I decided to use this script to get them to bomb manually: Now this works fine. Only problem is that it looks a little silly having it drop four LGBs in a non-precision way. So, I changed it to a normal harrier with Mk82 bombs, and changed the script to this: Now he just wont drop the bombs. fire "BombLauncher" works fine with LGBs, but with Mk82s "Mk82Launcher" does not work, even though that is the name of the weapon.... Any ideas what is going wrong here (or is ArmaII just totally bugged as it seems every second thing I want to do does not work)...
  5. Hello, I have been trying to use SetDamage on some BMPs. When I put "this setDamage 1" in their init fields, it works fine. However, when I try to call "BMP1 setDamage 1" from a script, it wont work. Can someone tell me how to call setDamage from a script? ---- Second thing: Man with a SMAW launcher, I want him to select it and fire at a target: He wont select the launcher, and when he randomly does of his own choice on occasion, he wont fire. Any suggestions? Many thanks..
  6. Thanks SNKMAN, One other question, I cannot get the BMP to blow up. I have tried putting "this setDamage 1" in the init field and it works no problem. When I put "BMP1 setDamage 1" in a script it just wont work. I also tried "vehicle BMP1 setDamage 1" to no avail. How to do I call this function in a script?
  7. Hello, I am having a few problems getting a camera to work the way I want along with some other things… I have the following script running: Now, the first camera works fine. But where I set the target to Air2, anc commit for 4 seconds, it only gets halfway through before switching to the next cam… This is strange but no big issue. Now, the next camera attached to BMP1 works fine. However, the following lines where it is told to zoom in never work. The Global Chat messages never appear, and the BMP never gets the damage set to 1 that I want. Any idea what is going on here? Many thanks.
  8. thaFunkster

    How to use Cut Rsc

    Great thanks guys. Grizzle, that seems like exactly what I wanted. Wolle, I think that is a little unfair. No one would have answered if I had not bumped it and had it not came to your attention.
  9. Hello, I am making a cut scene. In it I want some harriers to attack targets at a certain time, so that cameras catch the action. clearly it is not so easy as having normal units attack, as they keep flying if you dont tell them to attack at the right moment, when they are in range and facing the target then it wont work. So has anyone got any ideas for how I can script cameras to catch the action, and for the harriers to fire at the that time? (They are attacking BMPS). Also, any ideas on how to do a fly by cam for them, when you dont know their location (I was thinking GetPos Select 1 + 200) or something along those lines would work? Thanks.
  10. thaFunkster

    free Ogg converter?

    Yeah Audacity is good, but I can recommend something better. Format Factory will convert not only one sound format to another, but almost any media format to almost any other media format, and it is much easier than audacity to use...
  11. Hi, I am making a cutscene. I have a sniper team, and I want to show their perspective. I know this is the command to use, and I can get it to work for the effect "Binoculars", but I have tried "scope", "sniper", as well of the name of the rifle they are using all to no avail. Can someone tell me how I get a sniper scope effect with this? Thanks.
  12. Very helpful once again, I think I will skip the spottter / laser designator idea and just leave it as it is, they already target the BMPs as things are. Probably the best way to do what I want is to set up a trigger so that once the harrier gets within a certian radius of the BMPs, I set doTarget and doFire as well as it activating a certain camera...That should work.
  13. Thanks guys once again. Setting it to 'intro' worked, I missed that before. Some new questions: I have some harriers with a bomb loadout enroute to target. 1) How do I script them to engage with bombs when I want, so I can have cams of the engagement? This is a bit more difficult than a regular shot, because they have to be in the right location to drop... 2) They have LGB, maybe I can even have some soldiers on the ground with designators to lase the targets? How would I equip someone with this? 3) There are snipers watching targets, how can I show a view from their scope, and the laser designator if I use it? Many thanks once again....