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  1. thorgal

    Cheats and griefers out already

    Hmm that sig check seems to be flawed somewhat. So far I did not manage to run the server in the checking mode and allow players to connect. It keeps saying that core file is broken and that there is no campaigne signed file. Anyone got the same problems? Also good old check() is really a bad choice, any bigger file checked and server chockes on connection (checked on few servers with different installations) I believe possibility to fully use the potential of signs checking is most likely to help battle cheaters. The good move was locking access to files once the game/server were started. T.
  2. thorgal

    ArmA available for linux ?

    Well ... I have been running OFP servers for my clan and FCM league for some time on linux boxes. Then lack of support forced me to install windows and install server on it (problems with newer kernels and libs and lack of time to fight with that) To be honest I am more then disappointed with the one I own now. Lack of proper event handling, error handling, logging ... to just name few things that I dislike. That makes running the ofp serwer more then painful (linux version also lacks alot) I had also my share in adventure with running ofp on cedega/wine with success (small problems with slugishness) Day after day I use alot of different OS's (linux,BSD,Solaris,windows to just name the few) and having a choice I would gladly delete windows installations. So far no luck with that I play Ofp on emulator or windows. Simple lack of great number of game titles NOW does not mean it won't change soon. NVidia and Ati create drivers for their cards for linux OS ... that means they see the need and benefit of doing so. UT engine is set for Linux and by far it is the most popular game engine Dues to trends in US gaming industry (to drain as much money as possible ie. by forcing players to pay again for things they've already did) players divert from M$ platform to something less muggerish (in my opinion ) T.
  3. thorgal

    SJB Weapons Pack Released

    Weapons look great Tested them out one by one through whole evening. What worries me is that there is almost no difference in recoil between different type of weapons (ie. sniper riffles behave almost the same) and the timming of reloading and fireing weapons is also somewhat neglected (shotgun can shoot like machinegun m82a1 loads pretty fast for such type of weapons and every clip gets replaced in almost the same short time) Besides that weapons look and sound pretty good T. PS. Maybe I did not explain my view clearly enough to be understud (it was really hard day for me and I am dead tired) therefore please PM me if you have any question about my mummbling
  4. thorgal

    wine/cedega with ofp on the deck

    Ehm ... to be honest I only searched for "cedega" ... And the threads you have mentioned said not much about my problem did they? Plus both are old ... Anyway, thanks for pointing out to those threads - it gives me a bit of hope. So ... did anyone tried lately to run ofp on new wine and cedega (previously known as winex) without any troubles or what should be done to avoid problems with textures, gamma correction and very very low fps? Did someone use opengl or directx emulation ect ... T.
  5. I am trying to run ofp on my linux box at the moment. I have managed to install it and it starts fine so far. The only problem is that the game seems to be running at 0.001 fps! I have tried some tweaking and poking around the problem but so far nothing have changed. So ... did anyone managed to run in on linux with wine or cedega? There are nice screenshots on the transgaming page showing it can be done T.
  6. thorgal

    Linux server

    It's like bitting their own arm off! How can you test new technologies without servers running? Not everything evolves around windos crappy technology, really BIS developers, I know it is really easier to code for windows using some fancy RAD progs but for heavens sake please understand unixes behave much much better if it comes to networked gameplay. T.
  7. thorgal

    Head model/Face textures

    Llauma, export to 3ds in o2 does not work. What I do is use p3d to obj converter (works good for me) As far as I know there is p3d importing plugin for 3Dmax though I don't have both. I hope it helps a bit. T.
  8. thorgal

    Linux server

    Indeed. But the world does not evolve around OFP and they need to pull-up to the standards set by other game developers. What I really would like to see in OFP is decent logging in both windows and linux version, ability to direct information to log or onto the game's screen and so on, select what type of information is displayed (I don't want to display every bit of info I am checking) T.
  9. thorgal

    Official Release Of OFPSentry Anti Cheat System

    Silesian, and what when you run the game inside linux box without emulator? (Wine is not emulator) Besides don't be so M$ oriented You can code server side the same way you do it for windows - since you don't need GUI for that. Use cross-compilers and we all will be happy. T. Ps. Silesian, it happens that our server run on linux boxes except newly created kgw.
  10. thorgal

    Linux server

    What triggers my worries is lack of support for linux lately. Remember the 1.96 issue? As for solaris's lxrun ... it gave bit of an overhead to the running server, sometimes it was too much to accept. Solaris 10 looks promising but it has its own issues (problem with patches, accidental rebooting ect.) I am using it but watching closely what happens in the box Good thing is zone mechanism that allows to dedicate part of the machine only for game server. T.
  11. thorgal

    Linux server

    I am not sure if BIS will be willing to bother with linux. They are windows-oriented Anyway it would be good to have unix (not only linux) oriented game server since many mainframes run 'em (most of my machines run solaris for example) T.
  12. thorgal

    Dynamic Afghanistan

    hihi I think You should ask your CO for the assign first then fly over the island T.
  13. thorgal

    OFP/VBS coverage on marine.mil

    And what if insurgents win? T.
  14. thorgal

    Head model/Face textures

    Since I am noob at it ... do you map texture to each face by script or to the whole surface? (for each lod ) T.
  15. thorgal

    Head model/Face textures

    Just a question: How do you do rest of the lod's? Any automated method or you do them by hand as well? T.