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    Issue with Multiplayer - Crashes local network

    Nope, just one router. The second was for troubleshooting purposes, and I removed the original from the network for that. But That's all moot, because I've figured out what appears to be the cause. My modem was set up to assign addresses in standard mode through DHCP. I had planned on switching it to bridged mode, but all of the instructions I had for the modem were either for a different version of the hardware or firmware, or they were wildly inaccurate. I stumbled upon the menu that allowed me to switch to bridged mode. I was able to play for about 30-45 minutes this morning, the only issues encountered being related to, I believe, standard ISP internet connectivity issues and/or the distances from my AP. A heads up to anyone; if you're having this issue, either post here what modem and ISP you have, or post the steps you have taken to switch your modem to bridged mode. I'll do that as soon as possible, but my next apparent issue is that my router is not allowing connections through it to the modem config page.
  2. taoistlumberjak

    Issue with Multiplayer - Crashes local network

    I removed the Linksys router from the equation, replacing it with a basic dlink 7200 from the old days. No security or anything. Still did not work. I've finally figured out how to set my old modem to bridge mode. I'll see how that works.
  3. taoistlumberjak

    Issue with Multiplayer - Crashes local network

    I saw the security log but it was blank when I tried to view it. I tested the new settings this morning before I left, and nada. All firewalls were turned off, and I couldn't access the modem from behind my router. So that may be part of the problem, and the angle I'm going to attack when I get back at this on Saturday (if I can). Does anyone have a definitive list of ports that need to be unblocked? I'm using https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Port_Forwarding as a guide, but I'm worried that there's something else that needs to be unblocked.
  4. taoistlumberjak

    Issue with Multiplayer - Crashes local network

    Argh. That bought me about 2 more minutes of play time before it broke my internet again. A wired connection is very difficult, as the setup is in a distant location due to the way this house was built. I disabled the firewall in the router. I'm going to connect to my modem shortly. ---------- Post added at 03:19 ---------- Previous post was at 01:47 ---------- Ha ha! Finally broke into my modem. Apparently, it has the factory defaults instead of the ISP supplied access address, so that took some digging. Everything is configured on the modem to pass through, and the firewall on the modem is disabled to boot (re-enabled the router firewall just for now to be safe, but that's going down right before I test). I might not be able to test the game for another 36 hours or so, give or take a few. I'll let you guys know if that works. If it does work, I'll try to write up something. There are quite a few people on the steam community board who are having a similar issue.
  5. I'm having an issue with multiplayer that appears to be shared by others. When trying to play multiplayer, I usually can only get a minute of play time at most before I lose connection. I have figured out that the game is, at that point, crashing my internet connection. On most occasions, it appears that the router continues to work correctly, but my ISP connection drops out. There was one occasion where I believe the router went out, but it may have also been my myriad attempts at fixing the issue that caused that to happen. I have unblocked the ports necessary for the game, and have placed my computer in the router's DMZ. I don't believe it's a router issue, but one with the ISP or the DSL modem. Here is all of the information for devices located between my computer and my ISP's connection. Wireless connection Router - Linksys E1000 v1 Modem - Westell G90 ISP - Cincinnati Bell To add to this, I've fired up FSX through VATSIM, GTA IV, HL2 (and various mods), and rFactor to play online. None of these have given me any trouble whatsoever with connecting to online multiplayer. This is the only game that I have tested of the above listed that has given me any trouble.
  6. So, not to be too greedy, but when do you intend on writing a series of mountain climbing scripts :D :D :D Seriously, though, this entire thing is awesome.
  7. taoistlumberjak

    Something a bit off the wall

    One of my biggest questions is, would there be a way to defeat the engine's current climbing limitations, where at a certain angle, you just slide back down the mountain?
  8. With all of the beautiful mountains in Sahrani, would it be possible to create a semi-realistic Mountaineering mod? It's great how the game now doesn't allow you to climb anything beyond a certain angle. I was wondering if a bunch of different things could be simulated to create such a mod - The climbing part, especially on vertical or off-vertical sections. Possibly represented by ice axes, but used to slowly move yourself upwards. Allow for a possibility of slippage if trying to climb too fast. - A rope linking 2 or more people together, so that one person could belay the other in case of a fall - Pitons/Cams inserted into the terrain, through which the rope would be attached to hold a fall I'm just wondering if any of these would be feasible. I don't have much in the way of modding experience, so I'm not sure what exactly could be done to create something like this.
  9. taoistlumberjak

    Accelerated Time Environment Addon

    I hate bumping this from so far back, but how would I go about adding a x60 acceleration factor? I keep trying different things, but end up breaking the code when I do
  10. taoistlumberjak

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    If anyone is interested, i have a number of infantry and cavalry groups set up. They're nothing special, and are pretty basic. For infantry, i have 2 basic groups per side. one consists of an nco and 11 soldiers. the other consists of an officer, and nco, a flagbearer, and 9 soldiers. Union also gets 2 iron brigade units, with the same makeup. Each side has 2 cavalry units, one with an nco and 11 soldiers, and the other with an officer, nco, and 10 soldiers. I would have made artillery batteries, but i have less experience in making vehicle groups. Of course, it's up to the mod creators.
  11. taoistlumberjak

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    I've been tinkering with the config files, and have some pretty neat groups set up. I'd be willing to submit them to the mod for use. currently i have 2 12 man squads, one led by an nco, and another by an officer, with a flagbearer.
  12. taoistlumberjak

    US Civil War Mod ver.1.0 Beta Released

    i wish i remembered how to create groups, because i'd be more than happy to set up different groups for this mod (cannon batterys, 12 man infantry units, etc).
  13. taoistlumberjak

    My lai massacre mod

    no. still no.
  14. taoistlumberjak

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    WIN! thanks a ton, everything works fine. Not having the new sky is a loss, but i'd rather lose that than all playability.
  15. taoistlumberjak

    Wargames addpak 4.0 released

    oh man i'm really into this, but the p3d errors i'm getting are killing it. Hope you guys get a patch up soon.