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  1. tooms41

    CSLA Studio

    Wish you make a mod as good as the one for operation flashpoint !!
  2. tooms41

    Bas addons - latest versions

    Thank you.
  3. tooms41

    Bas addons - latest versions

    For the BAS Tonal addon and patch, you'll find them on the MOM section at The FAQ. For BAS Tonal Special Forces: http://www.filefront.com/?filepa....TSF.rar Anything else? In fact , i want the pack with the chinook etc, it would be long to find all the addons, thank you anyway.
  4. tooms41

    Bas addons - latest versions

    Ofpec website is down . have you got any mirror ?
  5. tooms41

    OFrP New Releases!!!

    Hooo.. You can play with the gazelle too, and the puma,your religion allows itÂ
  6. tooms41

    crash ofp

    Problem solved yesterday, anyway thank you for your help.
  7. tooms41

    crash ofp

    it happened to me sometimes i don't know why. I reinstalled the game and the ATI drivers but it doesn't solve the problem. I don't want to reinstall windows again  Help me please
  8. tooms41

    Operation frenchpoint release

    http://wwwpryan.utc.fr/ndf85/OFrP/addons/OFrP_Vehicules_V1.0RC1.zip http://wwwpryan.utc.fr/ndf85/OFrP/addons/OFrP_Objets_V1.0RC1.zip http://wwwpryan.utc.fr/ndf85/OFrP/addons/OFrP_Air_V1.0RC3.zip for the packs and: http://wwwpryan.utc.fr/ndf85....RC1.zip  for the demo mission
  9. tooms41

    Ofrp release

    but today, 50% of new soldiers are from east europe because of troubles and french are just 30% today to join
  10. tooms41

    Ofrp release

    the foreigners are east europeans for the majority, they are few anglo saxons, about 2 or 3 % "Since it's a "Foreign Legion" many members are not at all french" many members were french before joining the foreign legion
  11. tooms41

    Ofrp release

    "ive been watching news lately about the operations inn liberia and saw some ur spec ops forces without head gear at all with goggles and head coms wondering if ur gonna make those seprate units those would look really cool remos pack is cool with only the berets but wish u guys i see on tv i just dunno y " yeah , that would be cool to make rescue mission with thoses units "I meant the french foreign legion. So actually they're not realy french. I have seen legion guy's wearing boonie's. " about half of french foreign legion are from france but they have to change their nationality when they join this legion