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    Rate the second episode!

    Sorry, yes: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22940
  2. tvamvarg

    Gimme the Keys Already

    Haha :) did you try to bayonet the key out of the gunner after he swallowed it, maybe that would've worked? There a line of balance between an on-rails campaign and sandbox, but it seems like you say that it could be opened up quite a bit more! On the other hand, sometimes the sandbox provides interesting results;
  3. tvamvarg

    Arma3 Videos

    You hit the nail on the head there. I think the word we're looking for is 'entitlement'. Agreed 100%. It's the "and you should feel bad" in the subject that is totally off, because I don't agree in the least and I want BIS to know that they also have supporters among all those entitled acting up.
  4. tvamvarg

    Arma3 Videos

    Depends on what you classify as a drug, you seem to live in a very different reality than I do :) I could whine about that rain does not form in puddles and streams that run downhill in Arma terrain, and that this makes it a really bad simulation, but that's not important to me, and thus I would not dream of calling it 'shameful'. Same with flight model - those two are on about equal importance to me in getting an enjoyable experience out of Arma. Off to the rain-and-puddle-sim if that becomes my cup of tea.
  5. tvamvarg

    Arma3 Videos

    You'd have to define 'technically' and also describe how that term is valid in this context (thread subject being flight model).
  6. tvamvarg

    Rate the second episode!

    Giving it an 8. Playing on a seriously underpowered pc, but had lots and lots of fun still. The plot logic weaknesses aren't worse than in your standard Hollywood war movie, so that's fair for a game like this I'd say. I can understand that having no previous training in commanding squads would present an issue, maybe BIS should provide some instructions to players to avoid frustration there. I've done this for some time and I think my AI comrades behaved pretty well all along actually. Will do a re-run using Articulate, which I completely forgot about this time around, silly me!
  7. tvamvarg

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    That's an explanation. Was night time for me, too, and sure I had to reload a couple of times but at no point did I have to take out MRAPs, and I got out with two or three team members and an extra pickup (yay!). You cleared the whole map, seems a bit overboard for a mission like this, no? ;)
  8. tvamvarg

    Arma3 Videos

    Nothing shameful there. Arma is mainly an infantry sim, with combined arms possibilities. That works for me, as for many others. If you want a flight sim, go hang on DCS forums or wherever.
  9. tvamvarg

    Analogue steering (dev branch)

    Thanks Xendance! Yay, handbrake :)
  10. tvamvarg

    Analogue steering (dev branch)

    And they sometimes use the same kind of steering device, so there's part of your logic. I am not an expert but I don't think modern tanks are steered by two sticks - one for each track - as some old russian stuff was. So I think the burden of proof is on the other side to describe why a steering wheel would not work for tracks going at different speeds. I guess you'd also wouldn't want pedals to work for forward/breaking then? Regardless of differences and similarities, the point was that I see no reason why tracked vehicles could not also be turned by an analogue wheel, it should work plenty fine. Standing still while turning the wheel could rotate the tank, no problem as far as I can see. Also, I see no configuration setting for 'tracked vehicles forward/back' as opposed to 'car forward/back' so there's another point to make. Thirdly (or wherever I am in the count) even if a steering wheel was connected, it's not as someone jumping into a tank and had some other keybind as well would mistakenly turn the wheel and be pissed that the tank turned... But let me say I'm still open to counter-arguments that describe a reason why it shouldn't be.
  11. Agreed. Your contribs to the Arma community are invaluable. Thinking that this could provide you with new tools to make MCC even better - I certainly hope so!
  12. tvamvarg

    A storm is coming (Arma 3 Zeus DLC)

    Jeez the amount of sheer morons here... "Lightnings cannot destroy tanks, so this is a bull*it module" "Gamemaster functionality is for casual play only" "This is just a ripoff of MCC" Please let off your idiot steam elsewhere. <rant off> This should allow for great gameplay! Even if there are things like MCC, this looks nice and if it's extensible as promised very interesting things are bound to happen. Go BIS and thanks for great gaming!
  13. Have tried PWS now for a while, and have been mostly out of luck. E.g. installed AiA, but half of the time the AiA mod selector (under 'Local') does not show (probably UI not updating correctly, seeing this in multiple places but not able to force without restart); clicking 'add to xx collection' does not update the collection in the UI (see above); with AiA, I get TKOH HUD in Arma 3 helis, but TKOH has not been added to the collection (might be an AiA bug though...); sometimes when switching between ArmaII to Arma 3 I get 'disk operation failed' because 'another process' (likely PWS itself, haven't checked) is locking a tmp file under /.sync/remotes; and so on. With all this, it's easier to manage mods on my own, and that kind of defeats the purpose. Sorry - not fair. Bit frustrated there, I can live with these issues in a community-made tool which actually does a lot of the job well. Just polishing.
  14. tvamvarg

    sproyd's Simple Arma 3 Editor Guide

    Very nice. Can't say I'm _not_ getting confused by the use of 'modules' and various usage of synchronization and grouping. But you make a good effort of explaining - many thanks for that! What would I like to see...? Well personally I'd like to see if the modules/grouping/synchronization stuff can be replaced by plain code (scripts, functions). Another thing is creating ambient life that reacts in various ways to the player's (and other AIs') actions (sheep scattering when firing, civilians grouping up and then running away, and so on*). I'd also like to know what can and cannot be done when in preview mode in the 'local exec' box. Hey it's christmas soon, isn't it? :) * one reason being my 5yo son has graduated from Xbox Lego to running around as a civilian in Arma, so I'd like to create any number of non-violent and fun scenarios for him to explore.
  15. tvamvarg

    [SP Campaign] Silver Dawn

    Very nice with some campaign play, very enjoyable so far. However in mission #3 I get bugs; Good luck with the job, eagerly expecting more content from you as a late christmas gift :)
  16. Just tried this, and it's really awesome - huge thanks for your work! It did not catch all my tries at commanding but I'll work it out. On mine delay was defaulted to 25, I raised it a bit since I don't have the greatest rig...
  17. tvamvarg

    Tipping point mission

    I got smoked by arty a couple of times as well if I stopped for more than a second (trying to patch up a wounded teammate, for example), so next time I stayed on top of the hill at the mast while the team trudded on (I think). Shells landed around me and on me all the time, so I guess I saved my team then (why the enemy would aim for me instead of the squad I don't know). Running without stopping seems to be the only way, after crossing the second ridgeline the artillery subsides and you can focus on the paras instead. So, yeah, the scripting for this part is not well done. Somebody in the dev team apparently thought that this should play like a shooter on rails (i.e. the world's events revolves around the player) instead of a simulation. With the exception of this chapter I enjoyed "Survive" and thought it well made.
  18. Maybe this is how AI should be constructed also in ArmA: http://arstechnica.com/gaming/2013/10/how-forza-5-and-the-xbox-one-use-the-cloud-to-drive-machine-learning-ai/
  19. tvamvarg

    the Memory (Sarge studio)

    Fantastic work with the campaign, the cutscenes are pro-quality. Sad to say, I just got tired of all cutscenes and way too little play, so I quit at mission 07. Maybe things picked up from there, I will never know. But for the ArmA player who loves cinematics, this would surely be the gold standard.
  20. I'm there too. Sudden drop after about 45 minutes of playing. I'm on an older rig though, so mine ends up at about 1-2 FPS... :) Restart the game, and I'm back to normal (actually quite playable with not too shabby settings, with my modest demands). Just dropping to main menu and restarting mission does not help. I'm not sure what to run for diagnostics, but if I get some pointers I'll be happy to provide dumps of any kind. Edit: now I played a couple of missions with all mods removed, and so far it looks to avoid crashes. What I had was TPW (most things disabled except bleedout though) and WW_AICOVER, and CBA since the other ones build on that. How about the rest of you with these issues? System: Q6600@2,4 GHz, 4 GB RAM, GTX 465, Win 7 32 bit
  21. tvamvarg

    Improving Ragdoll

    This is how I see it, too. Instantaneous death is not that common. And even if humans do not behave as headless chickens post-death, there are not many cases where nerves will not keep firing at least a little, so muscles will contract etc somewhat randomly. The bent knees of killed Arma3 soldiers do look pretty silly. Not the highest priority, but still...
  22. tvamvarg

    [SP] Infantry

    Very nice mission, had some finishing problems as well but all in all loads of fun and challenge for me. Thanks!
  23. tvamvarg

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Glad to report that it's now again eminently playable, on the latest dev branch.
  24. tvamvarg

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Thanks! I'll keep my cool then. I set this rig up just for Arma 2 and 3 actually, and though about the 64/32 version choice, but found nothing that said that 64 was preferred, rather the opposite (nothing in System Requirements either on Arma 3 site or on Steam... are these official or non-official recommendations?). Oh well, I'll have to set up a 64 version maybe instead if things don't improve.
  25. tvamvarg

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I've searched and browsed threads for a half hour now, can't find anything related so I'll ask here: I've got a low-end rig, but it ran fine on Stratis. But Altis is a totally different story. FPS drops to 1 after a while and basically the game crashes. No MP, no AI (I just placed myself in the editor). On Stratis, I can play with serious amounts of AI, and I've also played MP (though not on latest release). I'm on dev branch. It's not a view distance issue as I can pull it down to minimum and it doesn't matter. I can see the difference just going into the map ingame, the loading of the map when on Altis is visibly laggy - so I assume that this is related. Is there anything I can do? It seems to me that I should be able to play on Altis as well as on Stratis, when I have the small view distance anyway. It should also not be a memory issue, I have 4 GB (hey I said it was low-end!) on a 32-bit Windows 7. Maybe someone can point me to an existing post that discusses this, I'm sure there are quite a few, I just couldn't find them...