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  1. the_shadow

    Swedish Forces Pack

    Yes, Skyflash was used in sweden when the Viggen wes introduced (J35 Draken used Skyflash) so JA37 could probably use it aswell, however i have never heard that it was used on Viggen since AIM9 Sidewinder was puchased at the same time, and that was defenitly used on JA37 Viggen. edit, i just found some notes that the JA37 Viggen wich aquired a radar lock on a SR71 Blackbird was armed with Skyflash. and also found other sources that confirms it. Rb71 (as Skyflash was named in sweden) was used on Viggen.
  2. the_shadow

    Swedish Forces Pack

    just to clarify.. IKV91 is not a tank, and should never be used or treated as one.. it´s a infantry support vehicle, or if you rather like, a self propelled anti tank cannon.. it has very weak armour, it has a gun that fires HEAT, HE or smoke, and it floats.. proper missions for it is supporting infantry assaults (knocking out enemy MG nests and so on) or flanking "hit and run" tactics where it uses it´s mobility to attack from positions not thought possible. but it´s no where a tank, even if it might look like on. oh, and btw.. most bugs are known. especially in the 1981 part as it´s a preview and still work in progress. missing textures and such are known.
  3. the_shadow

    Map: Favslev, Denmark

    yeah, Sweden invading Denmark perhaps ;) naah, just joking.. it will only be a exercise :P
  4. will you make a new more powerful artillery ammunition for this? if it works to do that with the artillery module that is.. i guess it could need some scripting otherwise.
  5. the_shadow

    Jungle Wars: Island of Lingor

    i´d like to se G3 in a number of versions :)
  6. the_shadow

    Norwegian Forces Pack

    the turret is correct for the CV9040C model, but not for the CV9030N model wich first of all have a smaller cannon and dont have the addon armor that the CV9040C have. also there are some small differences on the hull of the vehicle. so yes, unfortunatly i agree, you cant easily remake a CV9040C into a CV9030N model. maybe ask FDF-mod if they have a CV9030FIN model, it´s visually almost identical to the CV9030N
  7. i got the full series, exept for the Red Hammer addition to OFP:CWC
  8. the_shadow

    Project RACS

    is it possible to make the Puma less shiny? it looks as it has been clear coated :P military vehicles tend to be matte
  9. the_shadow

    These guys are always entertaining...

    Might have been in the wrong section :P should probably have been posted in the offtopic section of the forums and not the ArmA2/OA section :P
  10. the_shadow

    back to the cold war module...

    yeah.. i guess so... but it WOULD be cool :P if it doesnt work, BIS could always do a "remake" but on a new set of islands with similar topography
  11. the_shadow

    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    M109 for ArmA 2 i guess Vilas will now tell you that there already is one :P
  12. i would very much like a new cold war crisis modeule for ArmA2 (maybe a idea for ArmA 3?) bringing back the story and all the goodies from the original Flashpoint game... but scaling up the islands 8-10 times.. meaning, everything is 8-10 times larger.. longer distances, larger villages, larger islands.. but still same basic layout from the original game... same with the storyline.. and then maybe punching out a Resistance module after that :P now, i know this is only a dream.. but hey, you gotta have dreams! maybe, if enough of us wants this we can get BIS to make it sometime ;)
  13. now im gonna step on some toes.. especially the ones that think OFP:CWC was good as it was.. i would like the island of Everon back for ArmA2, but not the original size... i want it about 4 times as big.. same layout, but 4 times the distances between villages/towns and 4 times the size of the towns.. well, 4 times the size of just about everything i guess... also, modernized with the stuff from A2 (buildings etc) if anyone finds this idea interesting and has any idea at all how to make islands... i would be a happy man.. but, i guess this will just be one of the requests that pass everyone by and never get realised.
  14. the_shadow

    Medical Chain Module

    im not sure wich PBO it isn, but i dont think its a separate pbu unfortunatly if i had to take a gues i would say its in the config pbo....
  15. the_shadow

    Medical Chain Module

    yeah, the download link is dead.. that is a known issue. im trying to contact granQ to see if he can fix it. but you can always download the SFP pack since the module is part of it.