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  1. tbone

    Adf mod releases...

    Ya i get that same crash to desktop prob but iam downloading the weapons pack so hopefully that will amek it work
  2. tbone

    Martins bell jetranger 206

    Is that antenna out yet that looks really cool! plus that is a cool blimb too , but if the antenna is out id like to know where i could download that.
  3. I was wondering if I could get some help to put music in-game through triggers or something. Beacause i have a really good song id like to put into a mission. So if anyone could help there is much thanks
  4. tbone

    Two fighters for download!

    please post a picture, i have no clue what ur talking about
  5. tbone

    Satellite uplink

    Please release a beta please!! i love this i really dont care if it doesent do anything but my god that would be cool for specops missions or something.
  6. tbone

    Kord addon

    wow! looks cool but my god y should i have to wait 27 min. in line at file planet,thats really gay. anyone got a mirror please.
  7. ya all the pbos are only read only files so they wont work. hope u guys can fix it i mean it looks kinda cool
  8. tbone

    Mh47e chinook released

    YA i agree with u vixer to release the other helos first and keep up the gret quality addons u guys are the best!
  9. tbone

    Mh47e chinook released

    Great sounds cool any idea when 1.1 will be released?
  10. tbone

    Satellite uplink

    ME WANT ME WANT ME WANT, ive been wanting one of these for well ever scince the release of ofp. u must release this soon please!!!!!!!!!
  11. tbone

    V-22 osprey project

    Just do what cornhelium said u know with the blades moving up and down with the command of flaps up/down. The f16 or something like that did it beacuse the wings would fold in when u clicked flaps up so just do it that way!?
  12. tbone

    New islands

    ya ur right if u put them in from editor it does lagg like hell but when u make them in the editor it definitly doesent lagg as much but hey ill soon be getting a new geforce 4 graphics card so i really dont care as much
  13. tbone

    Beta-Mig released

    Oh and Miles tag the AI for me fire the flares but i thing the fire way too much beacuse instead of using the bombs to kill enemys they will use the flares but thats ok because it still looks cool and they will also work for things that come from underneath it too .
  14. tbone

    How do you...

    yes! it worked but is there an easier way to do a whole bunch of soliders with like one trigger or will i have to do multiple ones.
  15. tbone

    How do you...

    Thanks now thats more like it ill try it. oh and thanks for everyone who tried to help me hehe. happy holidays