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  1. toadeater

    To the people who are playing ArmA, how is it?

    You'd be better off getting an Intel Core 2 Duo than an AMD dual core. They're cheaper and they out perform anything AMD has atm. The e6300 Core 2 Duo is the way to go. For $180 (US) you can overclock it to at least 3.0Ghz on stock cooling/voltage, equal to the performance of a $350 Athlon. Even without overclocking it's a great CPU.
  2. toadeater

    OFP2 Shots on ofp.info!

    I agree. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that. They look like toy soldiers instead of humans now. Get rid of them ASAP, bring back photorealistic faces again.
  3. toadeater

    New release date worldwide: Spring 2006?

    I'm not surprised by this. Games of this size at minimum take two years to make, with three years not being unusual, and quite a few going up to as much as five. The XBOX version not being done was a pretty obvious indicator.
  4. toadeater

    Privatizing the military

    In a related story, I read today that 25% of the reconstruction money in Iraq has gone to paying Republican security contractors. Out of 2000 projects, only 42 have actually been completed. Beyond Prison Abuse
  5. toadeater

    Us army adopts .50 cal replacement

    That's right, soon a US machine gun will cost as much as a Russian tank. But I guess no one is planning on that kind of war. This is probably intended more for urban warfare. Still seems like overkill to me though, considering the price and reliability issues.
  6. toadeater

    Download agents?

    To get rid of the popups, if you have a firewall block DAP from contacting this address:
  7. toadeater

    Privatizing the military

    If they're an Abu Ghraib MP... A privatized military would be just as screwed up as any other privatized, monopolized industry, why would things be different?
  8. toadeater

    Ofp needs to be updated

    I agree BIS should release an update, but only if OFP2 is going to be as late as it appears to be. Otherwise it's not worth the time. Let's also not forget they're working on the Xbox version at the moment. *Maybe* someone at BIS or Codemasters can pick some community models, graphics, and sound updates, quality test them and add them to an official "super config" but even this would take significant time and $$$. Things like ECP still don't work 100%, and it would require coding and testing to get them to be commercial quality and be compatible with all the missions. Anyone here feel like playtesting the all-new models and the new config on every OFP mission and then fixing all the bugs and conflicts you find? But I think that's not OFP's main problem. I think the main problem is a lack of join-in-progress multiplayer play. There are some amazing multiplayer mods out there, but actually getting a chance to play them with a decent amount of players is too difficult for the average person. Keyword here "average person", not OFP fanatic.
  9. toadeater

    The current main problems in ofp

    Order them to stand where they are instead of maintaining formation. I consider it an interface problem more than an AI problem. Maybe something like more formation options would do the trick. Formations like "Aware - Loose" and "Aware - Tight". Or a Travel mode and Deployed mode, or even hotkeys to issue a command to an entire squad instead of having to select them first.
  10. toadeater

    Kuma war

    What's tasteless is the lighthearted treatment they gave to it. You get missions from a tight t-shirt bimbo named "Dax" who is supposed to be some sort of intelligence expert yet is clearly an amateur actress, and the videos included are the army promotional kind where they make the military seem "fun" and "exciting". OFP never did anything like this, it even had an ANTI-war message. That's what I always liked about OFP's approach, they stuck to realism, not propaganda. Except for the politically correct Red Hammer addon.
  11. toadeater

    Best military clips

    I hope no one's posted these yet. Found some high-quality, crystal clear T-80 and T-90 videos: Russian Tank Wideos
  12. toadeater

    Frame rate?

    Whatever you want. Less frames means less "popups" of objects like trees, but a slower speed, more frames means OFP will maintain a fast, smooth speed but worse graphics.
  13. toadeater

    Operation flashpoint: chase

    Is it possible to get closeups of the soldiers? How about a real world conversation with General Guba? I see potential for an entire sitcom here.
  14. toadeater

    Vote for a custom face!

    Having AWOL Bush as a soldier in OFP is an insult to everyone in the military. Make him a civilian, and then have Mr. T shoot him. Don't forget to add any good quality faces made here to this faces thread too: The semi-official OFP faces addon thread
  15. toadeater

    Us presidential election 2004

    Not Al Gore boring. Â Yes, I'm never bored by Bu$h, he's a laugh riot. Sort of like watching the village idiot. Sometimes I still have trouble believing this guy is the president. What the hell!? I guess this gives hope to all the other cognitively-challenged out there that even they can succeed... if they have a rich daddy.