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  1. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Expansion Pack

  2. tankieboy

    Advance War mod (mini)

  3. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Very nice, keep the addons coming!
  4. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Yeah, tried that. Says file is damaged when I try to open it.
  5. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Where can we get General Barron's surrender script mate?
  6. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    There was an earlier attempt at a World War One Mod called No Man's Land (abbreviation NML) and the Black Baron created a number of fighter aircraft from that era. I suggest you might use those strings ("NML"and "Baron") to search at OFP.info (both "News" and "Addons"). I'm not sure how well they'd fit in with the Prof's work, though. I don't recall it's capabilities, but a WWI observation balloon is available here (NML Draken) (127 kb). No Man's Land Addons.
  7. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    In the DTA directory in the Mod folder.
  8. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Great support, great work. As an old Tankie (not WW1 old), I like the look of that tank wreck. The more litter in no-man's-land the better I say... Love the new MG ROF and anims. Still waiting for a 6 pounder Father Picture
  9. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Maybe just me, however I think AI like to ditch the planes into the ground.
  10. tankieboy

    WW1 Mod Release

    Fantastic job! When do we see the Father Tank?
  11. tankieboy

    M-1 Abrams

    Wondered why I was not getting Tea and Egg Banjos... Damb No Loader!
  12. tankieboy

    Ww1 minimod

    Very nice Prof, as usual. As much as I hate to say it, surely something has to be due release?
  13. tankieboy

    Ww1 minimod

  14. tankieboy

    Ww1 minimod

    My Boy Willy
  15. tankieboy

    Ww1 minimod

    Damb, I thought they were links to downloads not pictures!