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    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    No need to apologize. I also understand that there is a lack of these kind of campaigns where the player is just a one little piece in a large military force, and not commanding or leading a squad. And i for one think that these kind of missions are one of the best and entertaining moments that arma can offer. So thanks again for filling this void, i will definetly play this again when you release the final version with voices etc.
  2. subtee

    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    Epic campaign! Maybe if you throw in a couple sniper or stealthy spec op missions to balance out the overall mayhem this would be perfect:) But i see if its not the style you are going for with this campaign. Thanks for making this, had fun!
  3. I guess its random, because the last mission for me was exactly what you missed "arrest the terrorist leader", and the suitcase mission was the first mission for me. This campaign was nice with all the planning etc, but some of the car transports were very long and boring. This kind of campaign in Takistan would be great also :)
  4. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Looks very promising! Saok, can you give any estimated timeline when your new campaign is ready? I'm bored and need some new (quality) missions to play :) EDIT: oh, just noticed you mentioned june.
  5. subtee

    AnimalMother92 Presents...

    Any possibilities to get steamroller without ace and addons? Would like to try it.
  6. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    I dont think that i killed any civis or frendlies. Good to know that u'r working on new missions, looking forward to play them!:)
  7. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    just to let you know if it helps, none of the men were replaced cos i managed to keep em all alive till the end, so it was the original number 2 dude who decided to outrank me and took command :)
  8. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    im sorry, i meant number 2 in my TEAM took over my TEAM not squad or whatever. If i remember right he's rank wasnt private...
  9. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Hey SaOk, played the updated "The Battle of Zargabad" today, and had a slight problem. Once the last task started (enemy counterattack) number "2" of my men took command of the whole squad and i couldnt command my men anymore. I had to shoot him in the leg (so that he was wounded, and needed the medic) to regain the command :) Dont know why that happened?
  10. subtee

    [CAMP] Bastard Squad

    :) This was entertaining, even tho the CQB battles were no joke and had to save and load all the time, trial and error :) Had a few laughs ... armani army lols:)
  11. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Ok, thanks for the lesson! Yep, theyr definetly on to something :) I guess i need to check that "Yellow House" -album co's iv'e been listening that "While You Wait for the Others" song you linked on youtube now few times on repeat:) EDIT: Whoa, just found out that they are signed to Warp, wich is a pretty decent record label! More on some electronic tip imho... so definetly need to check and listen to those two albums.
  12. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Havent heard that band before. I honestly thought that it was some band from 60's or 70's, it sounded just like from that woodstock hippie era, like jimi hendrix and beatles etc. They kind of have that samekind of sound to them. Fits perfectly in the outro though, maybe co's those kinds of songs were used in the hollywood vietnam war movies etc. :)
  13. subtee

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Iv'e praised your missions in the past, and here i am doing it again. Completed both of the newly updated missions, great work, also really nice touch with the chosen music in the outros etc. Also liked the apache support in the last fight in balota highway, made things easier. So many other good things too, that i cant remember now :) Hope you'll make more big scale missions, with lots of units and air support etc!
  14. Iv'e been having some random CTD's with these latest betas when playing arma 2 singleplayer missions and campaign.
  15. oh, ok. will have to replay that then. what determines wich mission comes, finish torch or phoenix ops?