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  1. Please do not remove branding, I have provided my mission for public use under the condition the attributions are maintained. Thank you.
  2. sparcdr


    Hey Scott_NZ. Mono works for me. Thanks much.
  3. sparcdr


    I don't use UAC, so that option isn't there, so no it isn't blocked. I completed my C# program using jayarma2lib, and it works, but I loathe the timing issues. Still would like to port it to a plugin for arma2net. Actually did it already, it's not much different, except removing the entry point, just have to do it again whenever a plugin won't crash ARMA2. I'd like to know if arma2net works with ARMA 2 Free, since an eventual side-task may be porting back to it. (We use Chernarus) I hope you intend to support ARMA 3 (Granted loadext support) so you got my support, even though it hasn't yet worked for me, even the included plugins. Give me infos about what version you develop for, and I'll try that too.
  4. sparcdr


    No dice, still crashes. File not found exception or so as before. _result = call compile ("Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension "MyPlugin [Hello]"); hint _result; Works in the explorer fine though. * UPDATE MySQL plugin doesn't even function in explorer. Says couldn't find file i/o exception. It behaves the same as MyPlugin in-game, crashing it.
  5. sparcdr


    Same crash as before.
  6. sparcdr


    Application: arma2oa.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.TypeInitializationException Stack: at Arma2Net.Managed.Bridge.InvokeFunction(System.String, Int32) at <Module>.Arma2Net.Unmanaged.InvokeFunctionImpl(SByte*, Int32, SByte*) at <Module>.Arma2Net.Unmanaged.InvokeFunction(SByte*, Int32, SByte*)
  7. sparcdr


    Nothing except saying arma2oa crashed. What patch you use normally?
  8. sparcdr


    08/02/2012 08:03:39 Info Successfully loaded into process Arma2NetExplorer 08/02/2012 08:03:39 Info Unloading addins 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info Loading addins 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info Name Version Publisher Description 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info CompareVersion Scott_NZ Compares two version strings and returns an integer indicating how they compare. 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info ClrVersion Scott_NZ Retrieves the version of the Common Language Runtime. 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info Version Scott_NZ Returns the version of Arma2NET. 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info CommandLine Scott_NZ Returns the command line used to start the application. 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info DateTime Scott_NZ Returns the current date and time. 08/02/2012 08:03:40 Info MyPlugin 08/02/2012 08:07:13 Log: Unmanaged side loaded 08/02/2012 08:07:13 Info Successfully loaded into process arma2oa 08/02/2012 08:07:13 Info Arma2NET initializing on CLR 4.0.30319.17626 08/02/2012 08:07:13 Info Loading addins 08/02/2012 08:07:13 Info Name Version Publisher Description Nothing more is given. I have VS installed if you can provide a debug build so I could get you a stack trace or something. The project is a Windows/C# class library with only the proxy as a reference and the most recent MyPlugin code from this thread's last current page.
  9. sparcdr


    Still crashes fwiw, with new addinproxy, references removed.
  10. sparcdr


    Thanks to both of you, will try when I get off work.
  11. sparcdr


    Hi Scott. Getting an ARMA 2 crash when running MyPlugin using your example for "Unmanaged", beta 95417. Also, why did you chose to use parenthesis, it's syntactically incorrect and hurts Squint (2). Ported my save system to a library, using arma2net as a dependency, but trying provided example failed horribly. Could you try a current beta against your example? Trying to get away from JayARMA2Lib, making me waste time.. (C# program sends correct strings, ARMA adds garbage to the end, and the handler management totally blows) Compiled "MyPlugin" with VS2010 (Stock settings / .NET 4) copied into "\addins\myplugin". MyPlugin.cs: using System.AddIn; using AddInView; namespace MyPlugin { [AddIn("MyPlugin")] public class MyPlugin : Arma2NetMethodAddIn { public string Hello() { return "Hello world!"; } } } Had to add System.Addin manually to the project (Win7 x64) and the modules references in the project (@arma2net\addinview.dll) _result = call compile ("Arma2Net.Unmanaged" callExtension "MyPlugin [Hello]"); hint _result; Anything different now? (PS): Happens on 2.1 too. Stock ARMA (No beta) crashes immediately trying to load ARMA2Net. Thanks!
  12. sparcdr

    Light sources

    I have an example mission in Utes for you all, that dynamically adds light onto flagpoles declared in init.sqf. Light Test (Utes) @Disco, while loop, use a table of colours with their own seconds, and use differentials to say where the points go sorta like what I showed. I'll play around with it, but don't except UK flag colours in sequence. It's not that simple, every light source has to have its own relative position to the anchor, with its own colour, then have independent sleep state (Sleeps and waituntils in each anchor loop), and for each anchor must wait on each light source.
  13. Edit RPM\Server\FNC_Server.sqf, comment out execVM "\a2server\server.sqf"; with //'s to disable it. On a soon release I have it check for dedicated. You can make an empty a2server directory in your OA root, then an empty server.sqf file inside there, so it execVM's nil.
  14. sparcdr

    Dedicated Server RPG

    There was some misinformation about City Life, where people felt they were obliged to buy some sort of points for advantage. I suppose it's for people who are more impatient, but what it really is, was as bluevein stated, an incentive so they can afford to operate month to month. It's not necessary, and the advantages are largely affecting rich players, who have sunk their hours into the gameplay, and that's really why people claim it's unfair. City Life posts their donations for the month, so people can see how much they need, and it's not like people constantly donate. I don't feel it's out of order to have a need to do it, while most groups would refuse such a notion, investments have been made to ensure solid gameplay, and that is not usually the case for other groups, who buy into budget systems so the founders or hardcore people can just eat the cost, to assure its availability, obviously with occasional hiccups the counter due to the lack of initial investment. Most people are not in a situation to offer high availability due to lack of funds, and despite the fact BIS provides us a framework to develop for, it likes to in Scorpio fashion dictate something that is unenforcable. BIS ignores the fact that a good server is hard to come by, and has largely ignored RPGs by its lack of action to provide proper functions that would aid the development for such, if all the strange database-addon projects are an indication of a need, BIS refuses to fulfill. Even if games are scripted, does not make the games any less valuable, or cost-intensive as a box-standard one, and thinking that they run on pixie dust should only be left to those who believe in unicorns, or that politicians are inherently of good intent. Money-grabbing is not what this is about, it's about balance, and that is what most people are truly concerned about, bar a few people here with their own opinions, which are largely unfounded. RP-Mods and HGS in turn have not been financially competent for years now, and constantly has to plea to the plebs, using threats in an attempt to get the funds, that there will be a shutdown. This is counter-productive, and scares away users. Planning ahead is necessary if you want to be successful. You can't depend on the goodness of people alone to survive with all the competition. Either you narrow your costs so you can out of your own heart foot the bill, make reasonable investments in technology and in time to ensure your mission is playable, has little downtime, or you will go the way of the dodo.
  15. Hey all, if you have any questions, you can visit our site, or I'll eventually get back to answering here. Known missing features: Emissions Taxes, Bombs, Nitro/Armor, Cameras, and Administration GUI. Contributing: If you'd like to contribute, learn version control if you haven't already, write up a patch, submit it directly to sparcdr [at] arma-rp.com, fork the tree if you end up changing too much, or ask for write access once you prove your fix/feature works. DVCS remote branching (Mostly git people would chose this) may also be in order if you prefer that. I track development on hg, and port the changes back to git normally, since I've been using hg from the beginning. Credits: I'd like for any person or community using the code to at least give credit as stated in the README, thanks. Either keep in the introduction, put in the diary, put on site somewhere, or any combination. Playing the mission: Also, we host a playable server, filter ARMA-RP or use arma-rp.com as the remote host. No addons, just CO 1.60. About statsave: Our hosted version has a statsave script written in Perl, but it's not parsed in real-time, just with #shutdown on a watchdog, which is provided on the thread (The watchdog).. I've used pskill from SysInternals (MS) for resolving file locking on HUP on Windows, which is omitted but comes before the arma2oaserver bit, then run the script. We host on Linux still, and only have modified the stock BIS arma2server shellscript so that it pulls from hg. Some of the code is there, but if you want to write your own server-side, it uses tagging to find lines, makes a big array (Collection) of the lines read via FIFO, iterates, storing the frontmost line, strips the superfluous characters. You'll have to deal with arma engine line limits for debug output (2048 chars), by using something like if (_line call RPM_str_Length >= 2047) then {...}; or explicitly create arrays for groups of data so the output can be iterated, normally avoiding the format issue. The script loops around matching an end tag from the start so it reads-to the contents until. _somearr = ["test", "hello"]; _otherarr = ["other", "stuff"]; _bigarr = _somearr + _otherarr; Arrays internally are only limited by 32-bit dimensions, so you're free to have any size short of ridiculous so long as your output is hit with a big hammer. hint localize "--start"; hint localize "someparsedarr = ["; for[{_i = 0}, {_i < count(_bigarr)}, {_i = _i + 1}] do { if (((format["%1", _bigarr select _i]) call RPM_str_Length) <= 2047) then { hint localize format["%1", _bigarr select _i]; }; }; hint localize "];"; hint localize "--end"; Then write the parser so it matches output from right of "--start" to before "--end", stripping unnecessary [, ], or ;'s with your scripting language's substring or equivalent. (Using length of line to focus the trim operation) I've been throwing around ideas about how to use jayarma2lib for real-time saving, and you can help out the folks at the arma2-mysql devheaven project if you want to go that direction. Concurrency: The mission has only been tested with loads up to say a dozen players, but if you host more with success, I'd like to know, since there's a fair share of data sent for all the various subsystems. If you can improve this, see Contributing above.