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  1. Although dozens of people are now complaining about the AI fighting/cover/battlefield behavior I did not open this thread to address all of this behavior. I was talking about two (from my point of view) quite basic issues which can be solved no matter how big or small an environment is: - non-responding team mates which is happening occasionally since I can think of (2001). For the AI in this case it shouldn't matter if the battlefield is 20x20km or 20x20m - AI must respond to user input! - driving: path finding can be complex, I admit. But implementing at least a reverse mechanism or at least something that AI is not totally wrecking trucks etc. is just something which could be programmed in. It's not about talking bad about Arma series... but to help BIS to focus in topics which are most important to their customers. Unfortunately there is no response from BIS to these things - not a suprise to me. I lost hope in the Arma series not because of the bugs but because of the priorities of BIS. New stuff seems to be more important than fixing long existing annoying bugs.
  2. Thanks for all your input. Again, I do not want to talk bad about the game in general - it has it's unique and also good things - but as quite some other people now also pointed out that the friendly AI is just not responding at all proofs that there is some major bug in there. I'm not talking about how smart the AI is fighting in a city or flanking you or flying a complex helicopter or whatever. All I'm asking for is my team members to MOVE when I tell them to. This is not such a high requirement. I'd say at the current stage it's impossible to play through the campaign without observing these issues. My friends do not even think about doing these normal coop/AI mixed missions we did in the past (A1 and A2) because they already have seen in the campaign that controlling friendly team members is a mess.
  3. The question is not about which game is better. Furthermore I'd ask why the producers do not once and for all get rid of these year old bugs and fix them. Especially if they got such a good programming team it should even be easier for them than for other game studios. Fixing an AI which is constantly driving against a tree is really something which can be fixed. But as someone else said they focus in stuff which is not important... another example would be (and the reason why I didn't pre-order DayZ): They improve small things and add content etc. for DayZ but then I still read (one year after the standalone game was started) that Zombies are still jumping through walls! This is a no-go... no one should ever pay money for something like this... and yes it is ALPHA... but who thinks this is gonna be fixed in the final version? This is an issue since 2001 (OFP!). Playing PvP only is not a solution - I do not have 16 friends who play this game (because of above reasons maybe) - but what I could do in A1 and A2 were small coop missions where we started with 4 Players having a 12 team group with coop-group-respawn enabled. Quite enjoyable such missions... if not all your spare team members would consistently kill themselves by doing NOT what you tell them. From my point of view this behavior even got worse in A3 compared to A1 and A2. Cheers, Michael
  4. I'm not talking about human-like behavior... just totally insane behavior like plumming into a tree over and over again - or (even worse) team members who are just stuck and non responsive; this was a LOT worse in Operation Flashpoint. I cannot remember how often I heard the "Cannot do that" when I tried to board AI guys into a truck in Operation Flashpoint... but again - this is 13 years later. I can board the truck now... but then they only wreck it. And for myself also being a programmer watching these AI guys just not reacting to any command anymore clearly looks like a total screwup in the coding. A MOVE TO command should bring them out of any screwed up state and then GO to the defined point; no matter if the guy is hurt, out of ammo or whatever!
  5. Hello everyone, I just have to speak out loud what I was thinking yesterday... I was playing the 2nd campaign of Arma 3 - I'll not spoiler anything - just let me say it's the one where you can run into a fully functional repair truck (yeah). When trying to sit some of my squad members into the truck and then have them drive somewhere to a half-destroyed vehicle (for repair!) I really couldn't believe what I saw: - The AI driver didn't move at all. - After turning around the truck by myself (and re-fitting the AI into it again) it finally moved on... - Over stones and stuff until one wheel went missing already - A few hundred meters later it hit a tree (still no total loss, AI still kept inside the vehicle trying to drive over (or through)) the tree? - It kept doing this until I saved the truck by removing the AI again. This is just one example what I'm constantly observing during my gameplay. The KI doesn't work at all. After playing Operation Flashpoint and all other titles since the first release I'm really upset now. It seems that some things did not change at all within a period of more than 10 years. Of course other things were improved and fixed and graphics are 10000 times nicer now. But what for? I'm spending 30% of my Campaign time working around bugs with my AI team members. For example 3,4 and 8 were stuck somewhere 250 meters away from me. With no command in this world I was able to got them up and running again - this is also something which annoyed me and all my friends since the first part of Operation Flashpoint. What happens to these AI members? Return to formation, move somewhere, heal yourself, sit down, etc. bla bla. NOTHING helps - so you can just leave them somewhere on a field and let them die there - just to continue with 5 instead of 8 people in your group.... but anyhow also the other 4 team members can basically not be used to drive a truck! So now I'm asking myself what Arma 3 Campaign is for? If the AI is still not usable then why doesn't Arma 3 at least support COOP campaign play? I really want to replace all these uncapable AI's with my friends... maybe I'd then start playing the game again. I'm afraid this was the last part of the Arma series for me - I really lost hope that these 10+ year old bugs may be fixed once :( Regards, Michael
  6. Of course everyone read it. But be honest... how long is the game out now? They should really stop sitting there and ignoring the community. For me it was probably the last ArmA. I'm done with waiting for one patch after another and the eventually released Linux dedicated which may come or not at a date you won't be told...
  7. Seems like the 'improved' network engine is not capable of being ported to linux. I'm still wondering about the new network stuff is good for. I do not see one improvement compared to Arma1... in total i'm very disappointed of the game right now. No Linux dedicated, dozens of bugs which were already in OFP... not fixed in Arma and still not in Arma2. It's a shame... i won't for sure not buy the upcoming addon. They should take care of the really important things instead of pushing out new campaigns, models etc....
  8. Hi there, we figured out that it's a very nice feature to be able to 'suspend' multiplayer coop games for example. This way you can start the server again on the next day and resume whatever you did on the day before. We really liked the idea when we tried it once. Immediately we had several problems though: - One guy didn't see the players at the correct positions - Another guy saw flames all over an airfield which looked normal to mee (no flames, i was the server) - And the most obvious one: The missions started at 04:30 before dawn and we played 4 hours before suspending it. When you resume the mission only the server (myself) had the correct time of 08:30 - all other players were still sitting in the dark at 04:30! Each one of these bugs makes it impossible to use this new feature! And the last one (i'm doing programming for living) is really a shame to forget about. Transmitting all neccessary data at the beginning to all clients is just so essential... nobody should forget about this. Anyone knows of any updates/tweaks to fix these problems? Regards, Michael
  9. Same here. Game's aldy uploaded any everyone is waiting for the linux binary!
  10. shot

    Uhao Evolution

    Hey JanMasterson, thanks a lot for this! We'll give it a try in the evening i guess. I'll also post some results. Thanks Michael
  11. shot

    Uhao Evolution

    Hi there, isn't there a red / blue version of this mission available which does not need the OFrP stuff, but also supports the MedEvac respawn option? The mission makes a lot of fun on this island, but always having helicopters involved isn't so much fun. Thanks Michael
  12. shot

    GeForce GTX280

    Hi there, Arma 1.14 also runs fine for me with a XFX GTX 280 card ( 177.35 drivers i think ). I only had issues when the game entered 3d mode the screen always went blank. After connecting a different 8-pin cable of my PSU (750 W) to the card it worked fine. Strange thing, the menu worked fine all the time though.
  13. Thanks BIS, this version looks much better than the old one. For me and my friends it's running fine, no crashes or major issues so far.
  14. shot

    ArmA v1.12beta update Released!

    I've stopped testing the beta releases since our server is a linux server which is of course stuck to 1.08! Every time a new beta is released i'm wondering why there's not a linux beta server? I think nobody would complain about it crashing because everyone would know that it's a beta thing, but at least some more guys could do some real life tests on client and server side if just a version would be available for linux.