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  1. If that is the case then me buying FPS games may also be a thing of the past. This is disappointing news. They said one of the reasons was all the additional voice acting that would be required. i can't imagine what extra voice acting a single player version would need. Surely they just needed to add the ability to save and AI squad mates????
  2. stun

    Apex Protocol Campaign

    Has anyone seen any official information since the original road map saying that BI still intend to convert the campaign?
  3. stun

    Apex Protocol Campaign

    Do you have a source for this? Last info I saw was in the roadmap article where BI stated their intention to convert the campaign to single player.
  4. My update is coming in at 18.5GB! Anyone else got the update coming in above 9GB?
  5. stun

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Looks like BIS have made a change on the dev branch that conflicts with AGMs use of the left control key. Since yesterdays dev branch update I'm no longer able to toggle my weapon stance (raise and lower weapon) using the default 2x left control key binding while usng AGM. If I roll back to the A3 stable branch I can still toggle while running AGM. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
  6. Issue with "Within Reach" mission From about the second mission my character is called Corporal Kouris instead of Kerry!
  7. Hmm, there was no userconfig folder included in the latest version that I downloaded - @bcombat_v0.13_20131122. Do I just use the user config file from v0.12?
  8. Hi Fabrizio_T, do we no longer need a user config file with the latest version? Just tested the latest version and it doesn't seem to be initialising. I'm not getting the normal message saying that it is running and when I load a mission and I can't see any balloons. bcombat_fnc_debug_balloons is definitely uncommented in the bcombat sqf file. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks for confirming this is deliberately disabled. I agree, definitely better to disable fatigue while testing. I'm also worried that the changes the BI devs are making to fatigue will cause some heavily loaded members of AI squads to have issues keeping formation, however that is a completely different topic.
  10. It looks like v0.12 is disabling player fatigue when used with dev branch. I haven't tested with the stable branch.
  11. Hearing false. It's not so much an FPS drop, but more the choppy feel Arma 3 gets when scripts or graphics processing is pushing the CPU cores to 100% I will try to do some more comparison testing between modded and vanilla. May be hard to measure though as the choppiness isn't really down to a raw fps drop.
  12. A few observations from a quick run though of the campaign - Noticable fps hit/sluggish controls compared to vanilla on some of the campaign missions, particularly forest and night missions - Squads sometimes appear to be getting stuck in combat mode even though no enemies present - when reloading a saved game or reverting a mission after getting killed - units sometimes seem to be inheriting the previous bcombat state. For example if I revert the mission they will still be in combat mode at start of mission and using bounding overwatch despite the fact they aren't aware of enemies. - Units in guard towers seem to get stuck in prone if supressed. They don't pop back up and take shots like they do in vanilla. Tipping point mission: - Debugging balls without corresponding units appearing inside town side entrance to camp. The above require further testing to verify.
  13. I've looked into this a bit more and noticed that the greatest danger period for the squad leader seems to be after they call "area clear". The SL has a tendancy to sprint at max speed without caution as soon as he calls area clear. The rest of the squad still act cautiously for a while and so end up being far away from the leader. In my test missions this means that after the initial engagement the SL runs off on his own straight into the next set of enemies. Hopefully reverting the priorities for leaders will do the trick. I suspect bcombat is at times causing some input lag/FPS drops on my system - probably due to the extra scripting overhead- do you have much scope to optimise it further down the line? Of course this could be due to changes to yesterday's dev branch, so I will do some further testing with vanilla. Specs: i7 930 @4Ghz 8 GB ram ati 5870.
  14. My first impressions: Positive -Movement and use of crouching run makes the AI look very human. -Stance and movement speed when engaged seems far less random than vanilla and more tailored to the situation - i.e. the AI will sprint to cover a large distance to get to cover or will move in a crouch to move shorter distances to cover. -AI acting far less like brainless bots and give the impression they are responding with a sense of purpose Issues -Only one issue spotted so far and that is that AI squad leaders are very suicidal compared with vanilla. When acting on a move waypoint (using wedge formation) and engaged I've noticed that AI squad leaders quickly outpace the rest of the squad and end up being isolated and without support. The rest of the squad are getting far more spread out than in vanilla and are unable to keep up with the squad leader during an engagement. In a vanilla engagement bounding overwatch tends to kick in and the AI squad members will take turns on point and will usually stay near enough the squad leader to provide fire support. With bCombat active the squad leader is almost always in the lead. He also has a tendancy to sprint ahead while the rest of the squad pick their way forward cautiously. * AI ability to return fire is slightly overdone. - Agree * AI is being suppressed a bit too fast (a few bullets achieve high effect). - Agree * Overall AI shooting accuracy -on normal difficulty- seems a bit too high (or i am getting old). - They are definately lethal
  15. If you are still looking for testers, I'm happy to help.