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  1. scottw

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    Im also guilty of trying to look round in youtube videos hehe, cant do without mine either now feel really restricted when playing without it!
  2. scottw

    random crashes d3d9.dll????

    Having the same problem here since the latest hotfix patch, I rolled back to some older nvidia drivers last night and managed to get a good few of hours of gameplay, which hasnt been possible the last couple of days.
  3. scottw

    Patch 1.02 Stability Survey

    Have a lot of CTD's tonight for the first time since havine the german release, I can send the error files somewhere if thats what people are doing?
  4. Anyone else experiencing the postprocessing setting going to low when you restart the game? it still appears to be set to very high in the menu, but if you click on another option PP option and then back on very high it changes it correctly, have to do it everytime I play though, didnt have this previously.
  5. Im using two 280 GTX in SLI and I have it running, are you runing a 64-bit OS, if not you need to call the .exe crysis.exe
  6. scottw

    For gtx 295 users

    I dont think this FPS lock exists SLI is not being turned off, I think what your seeing ingame is a bottleneck with the CPU, the first scenario someone try that see what FPS you get in there, theres not a lot of AI and im getting around 50FPS in the mission, albeit ive got two GTX 280's.
  7. scottw

    For gtx 295 users

    When you said you tried crisis.exe and crisis64.exe is that a typo? as that wont work it needs to be spelt crysis.exe or crysis64.exe.
  8. Ive run both XP and 7 and after loads of testing ive stuck with XP, I had pretty much the same framerates but 7 gave me a lot of stutters when turning quickly, whereas XP is smoooooth as you like!
  9. Not nescessarily, I think your machine as a whole is important with ArmA2 much more so than other games, if there is one component that is lacking slighly it will bring your machine down a lot, whereas other games you might be able to get away with a slower CPU as its more GPU dependant. I think with the amount of AI and calculations are done, and the graphics engine that is being displayed you need a good all rounder.
  10. I played on the same server that I normally play on tonight and Ive never had this issue on there server, tonight however I did have this problem its not server side I know that but I did notice that my CPU usage was at 20% which is incredibly low, might be worth other people checking what there CPU usage is when they get this cap, its definitlely CPU related though looking into the sky doesnt even increase FPS.
  11. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with it, for me anyway ;)
  12. LOL think you may have even last after the weekend :)
  13. Sorry in tweaks I meant did you have to rename the exe to get SLI working? Just interested to see if people all end up with similar settings and tweaks to get the results were after, at least that way we might be able to help others better. Im running 32bit, I didnt like 64 for some reason cant remember for the life of me why now?! Im running two cards so I think in effect only 1024mb is being used, but its different with the 295 is it not, as the memory is all on the one PCB, so it does use the full amount? I dont have any stuttering in XP so i cant imagine Ram being an issue, I also have created a Ramdisk to use the remaining memory that XP cant see, and I use this as my paging file, so if anything has to be swapped out of the memory to the paging file speed shouldnt really be any different. I think you can get images of XP either 32 or 64 and use them for 30 days without the key, so might be worth trying both. Tell me about it I think ive done more tinkering that actually playing at the moment, finally settled on what I have now and have sat down the last few nights, and the nights have been getting later and later LOL, I have the "one more go" syndrome at the moment :) Just a thought on the stuttering, what do you have memory and texture set to, this seems to be a big reason for causing it.
  14. Do you have a copy of XP you can try, I know it sounds odd but I experienced stuttering as well in 7, ArmAMark scores were pretty much the same but......actual gameplay I had next to no stuttering in XP while 7 felt horrible, glad your getting somewhere now though ;) you have to try any of the tweaks?