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  1. If i can help, a player of our community add the tpwcas script to the mcc template mission who use the UPSMON and we see exactly the bug you describe. With MCC with TPWCAS script on a server with ASR AI and HC, the TPWCAS doesn t work. If we turn off the HC, everything work but we have sometimes some ia who are stuck and does nothing and other time they are really impressives. (same thing with TPWCAS addons) We use the VTS too and Dulgan already describe what problems we have. We have some server crashs with asr ai too, i already contacted Robalo to inform him and gave him our .rpt.
  2. We tested a lot the TPWCAS scripts on VTS and MCC mission (and the addon version we can found on the last pages of the arma 2 topic) on arma 3 and it s not working at all with Headless Client. When we desactivate the HC, it s working really fine (we can see it with the debug on) but it s need somes imrpovements (the ia have some dificutly to taking cover sometimes but it s react to fire better than with vanilla ia). Good work, itt's s already a great addon/scripts pack and it s dificult to play without it (like asr ai).
  3. We didn't have this error, the ia just have a strange beheviour. I will update the ASR AI on our server and we will wait for your next test version for testing it. Edit: Ok we test it again with the last version of asr ai taked on the play with six and i confirm the ia don t react to fire near them. We test it with VTS and the HC. We test it again without the HC on the VTS and this time it s working ! The debug is on and we see the colored spheres and the ia react to the fire. So it s the HC who block the TPWCAS, there is a solution ?
  4. If you have another version to test, We'll be pleased to test your modifications.
  5. Great job ! Thx for this addon, we will test it. Edit: We tested the mod version and it seem that it doesn't work. AI units seems to behave very strange (no cover, IA walking backward, AI not fireing...). We're using HC, VTS and ASR AI activated. After somes tests, the HC crash when we use the TPWCAS addon with it. A copy of the .rpt if it can help you
  6. Nope but another member of CPC community may try to do another tuto in english.
  7. We made a small tutorial (1h30) for helping player to make a mission in the VTS. Unfortunatly it's only in FRENCH, maybe it will help somes players to discover the fantastic tool the vts is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mja-OZ089zU#
  8. Same questions here. I try to add the TPWCAS script to the VTS and it was working on beta 11 without HC. Since the beta 13, we use the HC and the TPWCAS script doesn t work anymore. I don t know if the problem come from the "final" stable of A3, the new beta of the vts or the HC (probably the 3).
  9. Greats works again Massi. Yours mods work on ours dedicated servers and we use it a lot with the VTS mission, but we don t see the reskinned vehicules of this pack in the list. We see the RU/AFR/ITA/etc reskinned vehicules with the others packs but not with this us pack (but we see the new delta force units and groups).
  10. Hello Massi. Big thanks and you done a wonderfull work with all yours addons. We use a lot your weapon pack and the others addons you made. We juste have a small bug. We only use the VTS mission for ours coops and we equiq with his shop. In the shop we see all yours weapons but we don't see the ammo for the m249 and few other weapons. Someone speak about a wrong category for the ammo so that why they don't apppear. Any idea to how to fix that ?
  11. slayertom

    China - PLA Infantry (Alpha)

    Thx for your great addon majoris. Good work I just have a small problem with the VTS mission. We have only the tank group in the list (on the previous version, we had more groups). http://tof.canardpc.com/view/75a59a56-c8e7-4bd6-8420-5ad20c9a2c80.jpg Any idea to how fix that ?
  12. slayertom

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    We use it on your server and no problem here. I know there are some conflicts with the TMR addons, maybe it s your case Kremator. Thx l'Etranger.
  13. Yes it s that. You can change role, taking medic for healing soldier or technicien for repairing vehicule, etc. when we change class, the setting option disapear.
  14. Hi, we really like your addon. Good job. We have a small bug: when we play on the VTS (and our community play only on the VTS), if a player change his class, your addon disappear in his action menu.
  15. Ok we will try but fill doesn't create the desynch, it s seem that only patrol building does. Another bug we have since few patchs on the beta. Sometime a player have infinity watchs in his inventory. All his equipement dispear and is remplace by watch. If he drop his bag and taking back, the bug continu. If he try to drop his 350 watch, the watch come back immediately. The information in the computer on the unit or group we can spawn disapear since the beta (the small panel on the right where we see what weapon they have or what is the composition of the group). It s work on an unit who are already on the map but not on unit/group you are about to add. Other vts users have theses bugs too ? We have some addon stop working when we change class too (the weapon reset with TMR, TAW View Distance Script, VanZant's Extended Grenade & Throwable Items (EGTI), etc ...). @Kremator: what error do you have with empty civ car ? On the last DEV; when we spawn a empty MH6, if a player try to enter it, it explode but i think it s come form the dev because it was working fine 2 week ago on the beta stable.