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  1. So lets say I have the following code: call compile format["%1Status = east", _varTarget]; _varTarget could be any number of targets and the variable beings stored doesn't exist before this moment. Does this count as initialization for that variable variable?
  2. shiner

    ArmA Watch

    Website has been down for quite some time now.. almost ready to call this project DOA. We may need to lobby BIS to support this feature in ArmA2.
  3. shiner

    Disable Target HUD

    Thanks for the input. I'm trying to stay away from addons until we have a streaming solution like ArmAwatch available, but for now I have scripted a TitleRsc that puts a black box over the laserScanner for those vehicles that use it. It isn't the "prettiest" thing, but it is effective.
  4. shiner

    Disable Target HUD

    Does the game support disabling the target HUD in vehicles? I was trying to use HUD=0; in Vet mode, but that doesn't disable the green and red squares in the TOP HUD when in a chopper. Any ideas?
  5. Into my from an example mission init.sqf into my own init.sqf the first error I talked abour dissappears but it always creates a zone way out in the ocean? First of all you are using the objective code in your init after rolling back to v.11 which doesn't support objectives. There is NO way this will work. If you want to us v.11 you will need to use the init code contained in that specific version. If you decided to use the most recent beta2 version then can you confirm you have markers named "obj1" -> "obj10" and markers "obj1_play" through "obj10_play" in the mission?
  6. sickboy, Hopefull 2 requests that are useful for others as well: 1. Any chance you can remove the direct references to param1 and param2 in your demo missions with objectives (replacing with a global variable)? I am implementing this as portion of a persistent mission and will be using a dialog interface to trigger the objective starts and it would be easier instead of having to find and set a global variable for any uses of param1 or param2 in your script for each additional update you do. 2. An "escape" command that deletes all units, triggers, etc. What I need is a clean "start" for the next objective to be run. If this already exists I apologize as I couldn't find the command needed. Thanks your work is amazing as always! Edit: I also have a bug report for beta2 mission set, with AIM_OBJ1_SIDE=2 or 3 (Racs or Civ) in the cfg_Zones.sqf the script generates a scalar bool error referencing six_aim_groups_scalar.
  7. shiner

    Evolution V3.0

    Looking forward to the new revisions.. loaded onto the TG servers.
  8. shiner

    Team Status Dialog

    You are the man!
  9. shiner

    US-based clans?

    I think you are looking for TacticalGamer.com a community of mature gamers. We have a presence in over 30 games and currently run 17 servers, including 2 for ArmA. We are an open community (not a clan) and anyone is welcome to join as long as they follow the SOPs and rules set forth. We have some regularly scheduled "events", but generally just play under a "follow orders" and "respect each other" mentality. Players on our server must adhere to a teamplay & tactically oriented mindset or they will be removed. Within the TG community, we welcome clans and run our own in-house squads. Another great community is ShackTac. They tend to be employ a stricter rule set and rank structure, but both playstyles are very interchangeable.
  10. Wow is this great to work with. Looking forward to enhancements to this and the MP Respawn project based on this. I did find a design flaw in this version. The PanMap function has hardcoded the LOC3 prefix. At this point if running multiple dialogs I would need to make multiple functions and link to the appropriate one for my particular dialog: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">Dlg_PanMapBetweenTwoPositions = { _IDC_Map = _this select 0; _startPos1 = _this select 1; _endPos2 = _this select 2; _ctrl = LOC3_display displayctrl _IDC_Map; ctrlMapAnimClear _ctrl; // stops previous panning // [duration, zoom, pos] _ctrl ctrlmapanimadd [0.0, 1.00, _startPos1]; // show home base _ctrl ctrlmapanimadd [1.2, 1.00, _endPos2]; // show map location _ctrl ctrlmapanimadd [0.2, 0.30, _endPos2]; // zoom map location ctrlmapanimcommit _ctrl; }; Also your SS above show a very nice blue theme, but I believe the theme packaged with the v1.0 is a grey/red theme. Can you share the theme document used above?
  11. shiner

    Respawn Dialog with script

    Dr. Eyeball, Thanks for another excellent contribution. I now have this integrated into a developing MP game and it works perfectly for my mission. I am also very much looking forward to the weapon selection system as well. Keep us updated! If you need hosting support let me know and I can arrange it through the tacticalgamer servers.
  12. I typically write a debug script to output the checks I need and then use a radio trigger to call.
  13. I just need to complement you that this may prove to be the most significant contribution to the community of all the scripts I have seen. Dialogs/UI is by far the hardest, most time consuming process in mission making, but is the most crucial aspect of us moving beyond the limitations of the action & radio menus for commands. I'm looking forward to working with v1 and future revisions!
  14. shiner

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    I'm a big fan of the request for airlift capabilities as the solution to many problems, not the least of which is late game travel time.
  15. shiner

    Evolution V1.0 Large scale respawn coop

    This does'nt seems to work. No matter what I allways start as a privare - even at the very same server and very same caracter... Am I doing something wrong or ? Ensure the server has persistince=1 set in the cfg.