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  1. I have noticed that when I blow up all of the turrets and AA guns on my way to the command centre they do not re-spawn after I hack the command centre. Also I have noticed that if I blow up the enemies defence command centre and then build my own defence command centre the layout of the turrets is different, this would be ok but I get less turrets!! Is this something to do with the defence multiplier for multiple defence islands being next to each other? If so is there a range limit? or if the next island is also defence (even though it is 2 to 3 hours away) it still gets this bonus? Thankyou
  2. just played 30 minutes on it and I really like it soo far I was a bit confused at first (now I see there is a manual I will have a quick look at that!), but I managed to take a neutral island and bumped into the enemy carrier at one of my islands. I probably lucked out but I sank it with the carriers weapons, it has a lot of hit points!!
  3. selphe

    Use of Ladders by AI

    Thanks for the reply The building is the control tower at the airport (id 1270). I am pretty new to commands and scripts in armed assault, (I never had the need for them in the simple missions I made for OFP) I had a quick look in the wiki and cannot get my head around creating or moving waypoints ingame. I did find a command for OFP here I am not sure if that command will work in armed assault? (has the object command been changed to nearest object in armed assault) My head hurts enough for oneday so I will give it a break
  4. Is there anyway to get AI to use the ladders? So far I either get a soldier starting right on top of a ladder and climbing down it before halting and doing nothing or (using waypoints) they just walk off the edge and plumet to their deaths. Thanks Selphe
  5. selphe

    Mission Insertion

    Mission you create are saved in My Documents/ArmA Other Profiles/(profile name you created it under in ArmA)/missions/(mission name folder)
  6. selphe

    Goodbye Placebo

    Good Luck Placebo. I am new to these forums and as such do not know you that well, however right from day one you seemed to be a firm but fair mod, a person not to be messed with and an active and constructive contributer to the forums I hope if you get the time you will pop back in and continue to help the comunity