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    Music Recommendations

    Beautiful and eerie piece from CoD:WaW conveying the brutality of ww2. You can hear the Sirens calling (in German, if you can understand). It's really cool, because I didn't notice the vocals had any meaning when I was playing the game (a long time ago).
  2. Even a cheap 90$ steel plate can take quite some punishment with 5.56 and at least one .308 round from a hunting rifle from ~30 m. And all that in almost the same spot, before metal fatigue lets it down:
  3. sprayer_faust

    Metro: Last Light

    A sequel to Metro 2033, but definetly better. Like the predecessor it's linear, but very well made: beautiful visuals (the best I have seen in a game so far), with plenty of attention to detail, the story is interesting and the animations are excellent. Looks like they've tried to animate as many things as possible, which is a big plus from me. The gameplay has mechanics like customizable weapons, gas masks with degradable filters (a filter lasts ~5 min), a hand rechargable flashlight and stealth kills. Although the stealth aspect is highly improbable, it's much fun - you can "Sam Fisher" yourself through a large portion of the game where humans are your enemies. Frankie has created a good playthorugh with humorous commentary on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6wNe2E4Tp8
  4. sprayer_faust

    My RC T55 model

    Beautiful. I wanted to see more turret spinning in the video, though. :)
  5. sprayer_faust

    9'th May - Day Of Victory!

    Oh, yeah! The most expensive free game ever. :D
  6. sprayer_faust

    Papers, Please

    An interesting game where you're a customs officer of a dystopian country: cross checking information which must conform to ever more demanding rules, while racing against time to process as many people as possible, to keep your salary high enough to pay for food and heating for your family. Who would have thought this could be interesting. Free beta: http://dukope.com/ It's coming to Steam.
  7. sprayer_faust

    Ups and downs with Bohemia

    Complaining about the game not arriving on time I can understand. Complaining about the morality of 'paying for a mention in the credits' I can't. You are free not to pay the extra. Cry me a river.
  8. sprayer_faust

    Music Recommendations

    Never played this, just heard the music in a video. lgHogUJOY5A
  9. Right click on flash player (any video), go to settings and uncheck "hardware acceleration" somewhere in there. Fixed it for me (285 gtx). Seems like flash player + graphics card acceleration don't couple well (at least on some cards).
  10. sprayer_faust

    Funny & interesting videos

    To all the hopeful people from Arma 3 wish list thread: RV-p51fvYLc
  11. sprayer_faust


    If you are playing MP CTI, which i presume you are, then the most probable explanation is: The tunguskas are operated by other human players. If the tunguska is relatively expensive in a particular CTI mission you are playing, then a player will prefer to control it himself. It's fun. Sit yourself in driver's seat and drive just behind the defensive line, ideally friendly armor is in front of you and the horizon is low. The armor protects the front line and you, while you protect the armor. Switch to gunner's seat and turn the engine off ;). The area is now safe from any average player manned aircraft and from experienced players unaware of you. After shooting down an experienced player, relocate asap.
  12. sprayer_faust

    Music Recommendations

    For a nostalgia rush: -QjtWeFqs3M
  13. I want to be able to manipulate (particularly stop) specific sounds without elaborate workarounds. handle = playSound "soundName"; 0 fadeSound handle;
  14. sprayer_faust

    Funny & interesting videos

    Ehehehe. :D
  15. sprayer_faust

    Funny & interesting videos

    An interesting and entertaining documentary (in 7 parts on Youtube) about North Korean labor camps in Siberia: awQDLoOnkdI