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    Realism Modding Fan .. atic<br>Open sourcing<br>Happyness<br>&<br>Doom
  1. snoofkin911

    @AIX. Another one AI addon.

    :)Unique, chacking it
  2. snoofkin911

    Lip sync

    I got a slight of a problem the animation all work fine but my p3d model doesnt display the lip sync when it talk anyone got an idea of what causes it ?
  3. snoofkin911

    HMD helicopter HUD

    looks awesome but the link is dead so it would be great if u can give another mirror to it Thanks :]
  4. snoofkin911

    Binarizing problem

    Thanks synide :]
  5. snoofkin911

    Binarizing problem

    Hi, When i try to binmake a p3d to BI p3d the the program exit me with those errors any clue ?
  6. snoofkin911

    BRL-CAD 3D Modeling Tool

    O the drole so yammy thanks 4 sharing dude
  7. snoofkin911

    US Arma demo

    Is there any change in content of US ARMA demo ?
  8. Anyone knows how to locate the point where the bullet hits ? thanks in advance
  9. snoofkin911

    SLX Replacement Pack, Mod, and Addons

    Cant blame the guy he kinda work himself to death
  10. snoofkin911

    Mandomisil missile suite scripts

    Like .. loveit man u did nice work uniqe2
  11. snoofkin911

    putting a flag on a tank

    Thanks K
  12. Can someone explaine to me how to put a international flag on a tank tnx
  13. Well cheerz and well done Â
  14. Well cheerz and well done Â
  15. snoofkin911

    Final news on the WGL mod

    Ull be missed take care and thanks 4 the goodtime