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    ArmA 2 (Cant finish installing)

    So, I guess I better send 505 games a bill for my new dvd-drive then? There are no model specific req's in the "minimum requirements" and if their shoddy installer doesn't work on some models are they obliged to inform the customer. Maybe it's time for a class act law suit against thaT sorry excuse for a publisher?
  2. simulacra

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    Isn't the M8 all but discontinued?
  3. simulacra

    Bullet penetration through cars

    Excellent, all we need now are bullet hit textures, modders, get on it! ;)
  4. I don't get it, why are the boxed copies with prints and shipping to stores all over the world way cheaper than digital downloads, I'd love to buy arma 2 off steam, but 48 euro when the boxed copy costs around 39 euros is just stupid, problem is, there are no boxed copies available ANYWHERE.
  5. simulacra

    ArmA 2 German Release Thread

    Is the langauge situation like arma or can you choose english if you wish?
  6. simulacra

    ArmA 2 map in recent screenshot

    Why is the northwest end of the runway facing a mountain? The approach procedures for that field would be hellish ;)
  7. simulacra

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I cant believe how ugly the TIR5 is compared to TIR4, frpm subtle and sexy to overdesigned space ship...
  8. Why would they? If BIS holds a press event, the publication rights are clearly stated by BIS and any material that a publication captures belongs to them, not BIS.
  9. Dualcore support equals quadcore support, it's more of a multi core support rather than just dual core, unless BI did something wrong
  10. I like the headbob, I have no problems with simulation sickness, so I'll keep it on, and from what I learned, yes, your vision do get blurry when you're moving fast.
  11. simulacra

    ArmA2 factions: What's the NAPA faction?

    Many factions, small area. I'm not seeing how the scope of a conflict with realistic insertion times can portrayed when the enemy base is literally behind the next hill. From after seeing the map och chernarus and seeing how big the airport is, I'm getting a cramped feeling...
  12. simulacra

    "Arma" brand impeding on Arma2's success?

    I still prefer the name "Armed Assault", Arma sounds... daft, unintelligent.
  13. simulacra

    CDF Revealed!

    Why cant we dl any of the videos? There are links, but the vids are always removed...
  14. simulacra

    ARMA 2 In-game HD Video released

    Arma 2 - interview This video shows a disappointing but hopefully temporary "feature", you can shoot a car until it explodes. I'd accept grenades blowing up cars, but not a spray of 5.56, even in best case scenarios with tracer rounds it'd just start to burn after a while, and that's not something you can rely on. But still, minor nitpick, but having tanks blow up by firing a last shot from a rifle is unacceptable though, hopefully that was the first thing that BIS fixed for Arma 2. EDIT: Will ew get realistic cities in Arma 2? just like we've seen from VBS2? VBS2 Screen