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  1. http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=news&id=3923&game=1
  2. Odd problem with Bofors AA gun, firstly you can't kill the gunner when hes in place, bullets go straight through him. Secondly, if I get in and move the gun at all and then tell an AI to get in, he pops right back out. (This was using the 50th British units, didnt test any others).
  3. Mr Sarkey

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    Starting from 15m, I raise you... nOQmz8GrriU (Nah, I kid you, I cheated and got the AI to do it for me :cool:)
  4. (PазорениÑ, 31st Normandy Mod)
  5. Original size Original Size Original Size (31st Normandy Mod, Huertgenwald Winter)
  6. Does anybody else have performace problems with the infantry units? The VILAS units for both sides seem pretty good and I can maintain 40-60 fps like normal (tested vanilla ArmA BLUFORvsOPFOR units for comparison). But the others, say the 101st airborne units and the 29th infantry units (for example) kill my PC, I'm getting 15-25 fps on average. (Tested with 2 squads on each side, in combat, on the Normandy island.) Kind of sucks because those units are the ones I want to use, d-day units etc.
  7. Mr Sarkey

    Arma II & OA User Video Thread

    ryguy, you only need the numbers and letters after the "v=" part, not the whole youtube url ;)
  8. 31st Normandy Mod, Beton Objects, WW2 Festung
  9. Do not use the vilas units... they have some problems at the moment, there are loads of other units though that work pretty much perfectly.
  10. There are, its a Higgins LCM3 mate, listed as "LCM3". Put it down as empty though and not via BLUFOR or you'll get a CTD. Must say I've been having plenty of fun on Beton's Omaha Beach High Tide (from ArmA), great mod, cheers!
  11. Its called the "LCM3", put it down empty though because its more than likely the game will crash if you select it via BLUFOR.
  12. Tis' a beta, errors all over are to be expected :D Still sweet though despite the 4 CTD's I've encountered in the past 15 minutes!
  13. Cheers bud. Just downloaded in 45 minutes :cool:
  14. Whats the eta then ;)? What kind of upload speeds are you getting, wondering if I should get some sleep or not :cool: