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  1. soldaten

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Love this mod! Cannot play ARMA without it. Thanks BIGPICKLE
  2. soldaten

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Some mods are not working with this sound mod, like RHS Escalation, etc. Is this the case? or is there any fix for it?
  3. soldaten

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    I think is because the Mod only Client-based and some mods are not designed to run with this Sound Mod. Someone correct me if Im wrong.
  4. soldaten

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Hello guys, Love the MOD and I am a big fan!!.. I did notice that when using some units the sounds do not work. Is this because the mod is not made for all Units/Addons?? or am I missing something?? Plz help
  5. soldaten

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    agm does not affect AI? cool so maybe I can modify Group Link 5 Core (AI Enhancement) to run with AGM.
  6. soldaten

    Authentic Gameplay Modification

    Hey guys, is there a way to make AGM mod and Group Link 5 Core compatible to play with each other??..I like AGM but hate that AI does not garrison buldings like Group Link 5 Core
  7. both third and first ...however sometimes this does not happen..so go figure..I added the latest TPW AI LOS/SUPPRESS and the firefights are crazy..really nice..lag is not that bad, but I really love this mod.
  8. m16a4 svd ak74s all weapons with iron sights..i did try the mod by itself and still see the iron bug..ill keep testing
  9. No i did not include it ..I think it could be JSRS sound mod related
  10. http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/9666/56341640.png (887 kB) This is an iron sights related bug..all addons mention on this thread were removed.
  11. Hi Günter: question were you using the ASC weapon pack at all? ASC is not the issue..I did verify that it is not ASC related. question ATGM to me thats a stationary static weapon like a 50 cal on a tripod correct? stationary ATGMs still dont work..no optics.. All of these were removed and did fix the issue of rifles scopes slx_modweapons_3d_optics slx_optics fnc_scopes_common_c fnc_scopes_common_m used command line -mod=@CBA;@CBA_A2;@CBA_OA;@COWarMod;@ACE I added mostly AI Enhacement features, ASR AI and Still testing ..Im moving stuff around..i will give feedback on the weekend Henri.
  12. iron sights for m4, svd , etc are messed up..I cannot figure which mod in COWarmod is causing it..also with ATGMS..no sighTS
  13. soldaten

    COWarMod Release

    great release..I just notice it works better with Ace...I'm still moving mods around to see which ones have bugs , but shouldnt be that many..Thanks Gunter
  14. soldaten

    COWarMod Release

    much appreciated!!! will work on Ace version right away~~
  15. soldaten

    COWarMod Release

    I tried it with GL4 and saw no compatibility issues...I still see the Static ATGM bug, but other than that works perfectly..