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  1. Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    db -4 per exemple ...
  2. Authentic sound & weapon Mod

    db -4 per exemple ...
  3. OFP addons into ArmA!

    my nuke is coming !!!! http://www.armatechsquad.com/forum/showthread.php?p=53#post53
  4. simply delete config.bin , and let the cpp. cpp alone is enough.
  5. OFP addons into ArmA!

    I would like to get a little nuke in arma. what's about it ?
  6. Nuke !!!!

    maybe we should try to take advantage of arma graphics effect ? like HDR . a nuke might blind us . but i dont know manipulate particule script.
  7. Nuke !!!!

    Can i ask addons maker to make us a little nuke ?
  8. Vilas' addons

    could you add more poly please ? :}
  9. ArmA-Mark

    raid0 will not bring you any performance gain , in any way ... it could even enlarge the performance drop due to HDD access. (HDD rate isnt the pb when you see clipping , and texture loading. it's CPU treatment.) the only upgrade to do for arma is , CPU and/or GPU. a monster core2Duo , and a 7900GTX sli and you might be able to play with far VD , "very high object" and "shadow high" . the 3 most important settings of this game.
  10. I run arma with an X1900XT. drivers 6.11. i noticed at long distance, many texture flicks on the building , the road etc ... i think , it's more related to drivers settings. BUT , i dont know wich parameter is concerned.
  11. Realism soundpack v1.0

    use the cpbo.exe . open a command line , and type cpbo -e filename.pbo then , overwrite the old file with news 's one and repack the pbo. it's easy
  12. Can the Netlagg be fixed ?

    "MinErrorToSend=0.005; " (default is 0.01) is the parameter who avoid this "distant lagging". put it in config file of server. it eat a bit CPU power, and mainly bandwith i think .
  13. Turning off HDR/PP

    haha nuub oblivion grass tweak V2 + low poly grass = smooth game on 6800GT
  14. PC Optimization For ArmA

    nvidia card ?
  15. IED Script

    we need nuke ...