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    Mortar help

    Try using a Reveal command - that will tell the fireteam where you are. Chances are they will fire at your location then.
  2. Name the players Save number of players into a variable Insert a marker at their start location. Insert a marker on lonely island Use an eventhandler to capture "killed" when player is killed then revive the player, and put him on the lonely island, by refering your marker. Count the number of playler variable down by one. disable all user input locally on that player. Find and activate a spectator script repeat for each kill. When your variable reaches 0, move the players to their start location Stop the spectator script. Enable their userinput done. But I think you might be asking for too much :)
  3. speeder

    Mermaid effect

    Name the units. when you start playing your song, just setdamage to the units. Might be easiest to put them in an array.
  4. Shouldn't that be used in conjunction with modelToWorld? And I can't belive that there isn't a way to set the azimut of an object ... :)
  5. this && ({_x isKindOf "LAND"} count thisList)>0
  6. Brillant - Will look forward to testing it.
  7. Hi people. In the effort to test my clan mates abilities to read a map I wanted to make a small test-mission. I would like to have 1 instructor and 8 students. If I click Radio Alpha and then click on map, I would like student1 to be moved to that location. Radio Bravo moves student2 etc. and instructor as number 9. Second this is to create a marker which only the instructor can see at each of the students locations, which will follow them every 5 seconds. If anybody up for making me an example-mission?
  8. Maybe something with counting the number of members of JackGrp at a certain point, and then wait untill the cars in total has the same number of passengers.
  9. Are you using BETA patch? If yes, update to latest version as this was an issue some versions back. If "no" then; are you running any scripts? Have you given them wayponts etc?
  10. To define the weapons you want your players to have, use the Addweapon and addmagazine commands in conjunction with removeallweapons. In INIT line of a man: removeallweapons this; this addweapon "M16A4"; this addmagazine "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag"; etc.
  11. speeder

    Stagger opfor planes

    Can't you just make a random sleep function? Init: this execVM "timer.sqf" Timer.sqf _unit = this select 0; _time = ((random 2000)+120); sleep _time; _unit setfuel 1; I'm just guessing here.. That should in my mind keep it on the ground for a minimum of 2 minutes, and max 35 minutes or so.
  12. speeder


    In condition of the trigger write: !(alive NameOfObjDestroyed) and then sync the trigger to waypoints. If it's a static house they should destroy: Make trigger Not present Group it with building Place the trigger over the building Syns with waypoints
  13. Or maybe do a check for the specific aa vehicle class
  14. You could make a loop which checks the height of your plane/helo, and then when above 80 set the AA's ammo to zero, or use triggers. I think it will work Trigger 1 Repeat Condition: (getpos myHelo1 select 2) > 80 On activation: myAA1 setVehicleAmmo 1 Trigger 2 Repeat Condition: (getpos myHelo1 select 2) <= 80 On activation: myAA1 setVehicleAmmo 0 The reason I'm not using setcaptive, is that it will prevent ALL infantry as well from shooting at the Helo.
  15. Hi people. So I've started to TRY and mess about with the addaction, but not with much luck. I'm kind of a novice with scripting, but here goes: I want a unit to have an action to spawn 4 weapon crates around him. Remove his action. Mark spawn-area with smoke. Destroy the crates. Delete the crates Give him back the action. But nothing happens when I call my script. This is what I got: In my guys INIT this addAction ["Spawn Ammo","weapons.sqf"] weapons.sqf if (!isServer) exitWith {}; _host = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 1; _id = _this select 2; _pos = (getpos _unit); _crate1 = "RULaunchersBox"; _crate2 = "USLaunchersBox"; _crate3 = "RUSpecialWeaponsBox"; _crate4 = "USSpecialWeaponsBox"[size="5"]:[/size] _smoke1 = "SmokeShellGreen" if (not alive _host) exitwith { hint "The Group Leader has died"; _host removeaction _id; }; _host removeAction _id; _box1Dest = [(_pos select 0)+10,(_pos select 1)+10,(_pos select 2)]; _box2Dest = [(_pos select 0)-10,(_pos select 1)+10,(_pos select 2)]; _box3Dest = [(_pos select 0)+10,(_pos select 1)-10,(_pos select 2)]; _box4Dest = [(_pos select 0)-10,(_pos select 1)-10,(_pos select 2)]; _smoke1Dest = [(_pos select 0),(_pos select 1),(_pos select 2)]; _box1 = _crate1 createvehicle _box1Dest; _box2 = _crate2 createvehicle _box2Dest; _box3 = _crate3 createvehicle _box3Dest; _box4 = _crate4 createvehicle _box4Dest; _smokemarker1 = _smoke1 createvehicle _smoke1Dest; sleep 20; _box1 setdamage 1; _box2 setdamage 1; _box3 setdamage 1; _box4 setdamage 1; sleep 10; deletevehicle _box1; deletevehicle _box2; deletevehicle _box3; deletevehicle _box4; sleep 10; _action = _host addAction ["Spawn Ammo","weapons.sqf"]; ---------- Post added at 18:21 ---------- Previous post was at 17:40 ---------- Nevermind - I spotted my error - I had put in a : instead of a ;