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  1. sgtkill

    Operation Flashpoint Game of the Year!

    I agree with goldline i placed an order from there got it in a timely manner and i am 100% pleased with that site.
  2. sgtkill

    Jonny´s ACU SF´s

    looks great but for some reason it wont let me download it says file not found when the download is complete.or somthing. Idk its been a long night i will mess with it in the morning. looks bad ass btw
  3. sgtkill

    Stryker Armored Vehicle

    looking good, cant wait.
  4. sgtkill


    I saw nothing wrong with those screen shots. GOod work you guys cant wait.
  5. sgtkill


    good work, damnit when i saw this post i got so happy i thought addon back #3 is released lol welp good work
  6. sgtkill

    Falklands mod progress

    Hell yes! ive been waiting a while for this been following it for a very long time it seems
  7. sgtkill

    Danbat Danish Army Mod

    can u get more morriors please.
  8. sgtkill

    IM:UC Mod Thread

    how is the special forces coming along?
  9. sgtkill

    SWAt Units are ready for you!

    my bad. thanks
  10. sgtkill

    SWAt Units are ready for you!

    I dont know how to expalin this but my swat units are all distoreted. kind of like streatched out with holes i would take a screen shot but i got go out. so some one plz help me.thanks
  11. that looks damn good i hope it see's the light of day when its finished or the bugs are gone.
  12. sgtkill

    Irish Interim troops

    no troubles at all , everything looks kick ass. good job cant wait
  13. sgtkill

    PedagneMOD Total Pack Release!

    yeah i downloaded this mod a few days back then when i got everything i needed to play, i went to go play it and.... theres no sound....so i wasnt like damnit my ofp is broken but i took out everything this mod put in and my sounds back ...weird ..anyone got a clue?
  14. sgtkill

    Irish Interim troops

    sounds and looks great. This looks like it would be one of my fav's when it comes out.
  15. sgtkill

    United States Marines Pack

    i still cant wait for these marines , every time i get on here i hope there will be a update lol.anyways take youre time