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    Nogovan army?

    Hi, For the Nogovan army patch: Regards and best wishes for the new year, Sander
  2. sander

    Nogovan Armed Forces Project

    Hi, After reading this thread I slapped the Nogovan coat of arms in a black and green version as an insignia on the Resistance side troops that were already being made. Perhaps two different series of Nogovan units could be made, one set for the Cold War era of the eighties, primarily fitted out with eastern block weaponry and equipment, and one set for the present day, with more Western influence. Alternatively one could make just one generic set, with the standing forces equipped with more modern weaponry and reservists kitted out with obsolescent leftovers. Regards, Sander
  3. Hi, The weapons and magazines use different classnames (Class names) compared to the Diemaco weapons used in the earlier KMARNS addons (downloads). The rifles and light support weapons will thus not be automatically changed to the new version. That will require either new definitions in a cpp file or changes to the init field in the editor, but that is in my opinion definitely worth the trouble. Updated marines to go with the new Diemaco's are in the works. Regards, Sander
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the comments. To give credit where it is due: - The desert boot textures are based (with permission obtained via Vixer) on those of the BAS Rangers - The crease templates are based on work by Mike Schell for Ghost Recon mods (as available on the following location: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/skin-tutorial.htm) and subsequently adapted for templates for OFP Regards, Sander